Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More chef's pants

I was really debating whether to post this picture or not.  After all, these are really rather boring.  Guess this is just to prove (to whom?) that I have been sewing, even if the results are rather boring.  Two more pair of elastic waist pants in black Galaxy twill.    Enough cotton to make them comfortable, and enough polyester to make them pretty well wash-and-wear.  (Well, probably only because mother isn't around to scowl at wrinkly clothing.)  The first pair I made back here.  The only request after the first pair was to make the elastic tighter.  (Good thing that I made notes when I sewed the first pair, because it's been a while.)  And this time around I made a loop and button at the top of the zipper.  Now that I look at the picture, I realize that this fabric, despite careful pressing, refuses to look pressed, so perhaps it's not even worth it getting an iron close to these.  Soon enough I'm sure, these will be sporting lovely blobs of sauce of one kind or another and large grease spots - trademarks of the profession. 

Easy though these pants should have been, there were periods of intense "unstitching".  Reason being - my mind was wandering.  So, a note to myself, and to anyone else who might benefit from it - pay attention, no matter how boring the project at hand.  Don't get cocky.  Just because "it's the easiest thing in the world", doesn't mean that mistakes can't be made which leave you wondering, how on earth you managed to do something so stupid.  (Confession - I managed to do something quite "interesting" with the pockets - I'm not quite sure what I did - but the result was having to undo a whole lot of stitching before I could put things right.  And as luck would have it - I managed to do the same zany thing on both pairs - double the ripping!)

Now I'm trying to finish off my daughter's somewhat belated birthday present before I can get back to my own sewing.  And something tells me that I really should start thinking about Christmas presents, that is, if I'm crazy enough to be making things.


  1. I'm impressed that you "make notes" when sewing a project. A good habit to get into, and one I would be well worth taking up myself...!
    I'm sure the recipient was very grateful to have your sewing expertise at hand

  2. I have on several sewing escapades saying how on earth I managed to do something so stupid... lol

    In the last year I taken to making quick notes on the pattern pieces and also on the envelope.. like the date I finished it and also grade the pattern between A - D.

  3. I can mess up anything myself- I don't always concentrate. They turned out in the end though, I am sure the will be appreciated and useful. I've decided it's too late for homemade Xmas presents.

  4. I usually I make more stupid mistakes in the more simple ... also. Perhaps the fault lies with the desire to finish quickly and not paying attention ... but boring projects are important to the person receiving them, I'm sure this person is very grateful to you.

  5. Double the ripping out sounds awful. Glad you persevered through it and got these done! I don't remember who you made these for, but custom fitting chef pants are surely much appreciated. Great job.