Monday, October 15, 2012

Just a quick update

Just when I think that I'm getting a handle on organizing my life  - things start to happen.  Just when  I plan my schedule to include not only sorting and fixing of cold weather wardrobe, but also plenty of new items - my family "intrudes".  My daughter has moved back from B.C. to return to school.  We're still in the process of getting her sorted out and "moved in".  Well, at least I won't have any more guess work when sewing things for her - she'll be right here!
I'm really no further on a real game plan for fall and winter sewing than I was when I started pulling out the "winter woolies".  I've been diligently fixing and steaming and pressing, so that every piece that goes into the closet is in real wearing order.  Unfortunately the jackets with the shiny elbows did not rejuvenate themselves while hanging out in the garment bags over the summer.  Neither did hooks and buttons re-attach themselves to their proper places.  I was very sad to have to let the jackets go, and all that maintenance work has seriously eaten into the time for more interesting sewing.  "Real sewing" so far has been quite boring, but at least there is some accomplishment.
I finished the rest of the "cherry pies" for my niece.
While moving the winter fabrics into "rotation order", I once again wondered what in the world I would make out of this plaid piece of mohair.  Then I promptly decided not to deliberate yet again, and made it into a lap blanket by binding it on all four sides.
the blues are a much better match in real life
While it was still much warmer weather I used up some remnants and made a few tank tops...
then I churned out some very boring, but very useful t-shirts with a variety of sleeve lengths and necklines.
There have also been some more interesting projects in the works, but those I'll leave for later.
On Friday we were in Toronto at the Creative Festival.  I must have been in the wrong mood, or way too tired, but somehow I didn't find all too much to get terribly excited about.  My daughter, on the other hand, was thrilled with such an array of beads as there was.
We did meet a new friend, who was promoting his own wares...
and my daughter just had to have her picture taken under this street sign.
Hopefully I'll have something a little more interesting to show shortly.