Friday, March 30, 2012

Mea maxima culpa

I must begin with an apology.  I did not intend to go missing from the blog world for such a long time.  (Life just got a little too complicated.)  That in and of itself is no great sin, but it turned out that I managed to go off the radar just at the time that Peggy nominated me for an award.  I did not respond in any way and that was unbelievably rude on my part.  My excuse is ignorance, since I have not been "checking in".  I thank you very much for the honour, Peggy, and I beg forgiveness.   Since I cannot even seem to keep up normal repartee, I certainly do not deserve any award.  Please allow me to just go on from here.

Missing from blogging does not mean missing from the sewing room, because even a little work accomplished while I have my morning coffee will result in something done over a period of time.  So...

The plan was to finish up winter sewing while I cold still get a few wears out of these wooly items.  I managed a jumper, started a coat...  The weather became unseasonably warm and I couldn't bear handling the heavy wool coating, so that was rolled up and put away till the fall.  Now the weather is back to "normal", so I did get to wear the jumper.  From here on in, though, it'll be onto warmer weather sewing.

Simplicity 2539
Ah, yes, the jumper...  At one point I weas trolling around the Simplicity site and was rather taken with the jumper on this pattern.  Nothing else appealed to me - just the jumper.  I thought about buying the pattern, but then I was browsing in my pattern drawer and came across this Vogue pattern.  With a little reconstructing...  So - jumper View C (that's the white one), eliminate the buttoned front by putting the centre front on a fold.  Neckline from View A (that's the brown one).  Add a centre back seam for a zipper, and you get...

The blouse is from a while back.
The fabric is a pinstripe wool suiting - I know, I know - brown again.  It's fully lined, though I also made facings.  I seem to have a fear of lining showing at the edges if there is no facing.
 To "dress it up" a little, I did three rows of topstitching in a heavier brown thread at the neckline and armholes.

Right - you'd be wanting to see me in the jumper.  Very boring on the hanger.  A little better in real life.

 I rather like jumpers - sort of like having a skirt and vest all in one, but much less bother to wear.

Looks like I have rather a lot of catching up to do on what everyone else has been sewing!