Saturday, December 29, 2012

The inspired skirt

Way back in September, Rhonda posted some inspirational photos from the Etro collection.  The following day I was out "getting thread" - my usual excuse for popping into Fabricland.  Of course, I had to browse through the fabrics, if only to determine that there was absolutely nothing there that needed to come home with me.  High on a shelf, almost hidden from view was a velveteen that for some reason reminded me (vaguely -very vaguely) of the fabrics in the Etro collection.  It was love at first sight.  I bought a metre.  A straight skirt  - sort of 1940's length...
Now, a new skirt would require a new top.  Black would be the perfect thing to set off the print.  Two black tops were cut - one in a knit, one in silk.  That was back in September.  Then came the chaos, and the two black tops sat quietly waiting for their turn to come to life.  The poor skirt feels forgotten, hanging in the closet.  Finally the knit top (one seam at a time) did come into existence.  Stay tuned, because very soon the two will come together and actually get worn!  (About time!)
Not to forget...  The lovely Denise of The Blue Gardenia asked me to remind everyone about the amazing sale of her gorgeous vintage patterns.  Click here for the details. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Uh-oh! Pattern accumulation

I finally did it!  I ordered patterns from Club BMV.  I've been avoiding this for a long time, but I finally succumbed.
I've done my part over the years in over-accumulation of  patterns, and I was trying very hard to use what I already have.  There are still quite a few patterns in those drawers that have never been used.  A shame, really.  Every time I would see someone using a new-to-me pattern, I would convince myself that I already have something similar.  No need to buy.  I did wait for the pattern sales at Fabricland to purchase the few new patterns that I really wanted.  No more pattern sales at Fabricland, at least not like there used to be.  Just recently I was pondering over the catalogues when I went in for thread.  Came home without patterns.  Decided to browse the Vogue patterns on-line, and what do they have - a 75% off sale!  OK - I'm just browsing.  I don't really need anything at the moment.  But, but, but...  So if I make up new rules about pattern accumulation...  1. I must have fabric on hand, or in mind for the pattern.  2. I must actually use these patterns, before I purchase more patterns.  Well, you guessed the rest of the story - out came the magic plastic card, and I clicked my way to four new patterns.
Perhaps you might be wanting to see what I ordered - whether you do or don't - here they are.
Vogue 8854
I saw this sweater on someone's blog (sorry! can't remember who's) and I was in love.
Vogue 8847
Vogue 8699
Vogue 7937

I've been dreaming of the skirt with the flared back hem.
So there you have it.  Now let's see if I manage to stick to my rules, or ... I just might become a pattern-buying maniac.
Question - do you buy patterns with a definite project in mind?  Or - do you just like to buy whatever strikes your fancy with no particular reason?  Just curious about how others approach pattern buying.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Life just keeps on getting more interesting

My 100th post.  I was going to do something special.  I always have phenomenal plans ... and then ...  Two months have zipped by and all I have to say is - life got a whole lot more interesting.  My mother moved in.  My daughter and I were just settling into life together, when my mother sold her house and moved in with us.  This had been talked about theoretically.  When it happened, it happened all too quickly.  My daughter moved in with a suitcase and a few boxes - a fairly easy matter of sorting things out.  My mother moved with almost the entire contents of her house.  Thank goodness for large garages!  I emptied, cleaned and painted one bedroom.  Sewed new curtains.  All of this happening at rather breakneck speed.  Then the stuff started descending.  I don't do well in chaos.  Not well at all.  To add insult to injury - my sewing room was the only place to stash my stuff that had to be cleared.  More mess to deal with.  My game plan is to deal with only one area at a time.  Priorities had to be set.  When I finally couldn't live without sewing at least something - I cleared the cutting table (large flat clear surface where it is so easy to set down a box or two or...) and enough space at the sewing machine to at least be able to some rather mundane stitching.  I'll just keep on sorting and tossing and organizing a little at a time.  I've now come to realize that this is not going to come to an end any time soon.  My diplomatic skills are being stretched to their limits.  There is finally a glimmer of hope that I will be able to get my car into the garage soon.  Thank goodness that we haven't had any major snow as yet - I hate having to clean off my car in the mornings!
Ah, yes, sewing.  That's what this blog is supposed to about - not about the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  In September I made a skirt, cut two tops to go with.  So far - the tops are somewhere... in pieces...  I'll find them and sew them up eventually.  The doublefaced wool coat that I started in the spring... also somewhere... need to clear some more space to be able to deal with it.  Finished projects - yes, some things did get done start to finish before the "avalanche".   A quick skirt for my daughter...
Made this from the free Hot Patterns download that I used for my kooky skirt.  I used a "suiting" fabric and I lined this.  (DD is not a big fan of wearing slips.)  A plain and simple addition to a wardrobe that is going to need some serious revamping.
I even managed something for me - modeled by Taya, here.
A cape/poncho - don't know what to call it.  This is from Kwik Sew 3543 that I used previously for my class samples.  The pattern calls for polar fleece, which requires cutting out and no sewing.  I had this cozy wool/mohair piece, which needed a little more work to bring it to a finished state.  I added 1 inch on both sides to allow for hems.  I fringed the hanging edges.  (That really does make a mess!)  And I fashioned a facing to finish off the cut-out in the middle.  Now that the weather is really too cold for such attire out of doors, my plaid creation has moved to the computer desk, where it keeps me nice and toasty while I work.
In retrospect, it was not so brilliant a move to clear out my wardrobe as brutally as I did, given that sewing hasn't been happening at quite the anticipated rate.  Guess I'll just keep on plugging along, doing the best I can under the circumstances.  Moral of the story - never make serious plans!
Now that I've written this post, I feel that I can once again try to get back on track with reading blogs and commenting and being inspired by all the lovely things that everyone else makes.