Friday, September 18, 2015

Black and white jeans and a top

Perhaps it's time to stop procrastinating and actually post a few summer makes, before the weather turns so cold that no-one wants to see anything but warm and cozy.
After the Sandra Betzina jeans - way back - I unearthed a jean pattern that I had drafted for a class quite a few years ago.  There were some "issues" - the teacher and I were not in agreement about certain points of fit.  My jeans - I want them my way.  I fixed the "problems" and over the last two (?) years and went on to make several more pairs, which (not surprisingly) were a much better fit than the S.B. jeans.  Fast forward to the latest make...
I finally succumbed to the printed jeans craze.  A rather abstract floral in black and white, but some sort of floral nonetheless.
The fabric was bought with a skirt in mind, but I somehow did manage to fit the jeans pattern.  Not enough fabric for back pockets, but do I really, really need back pockets??  I have front pockets.
The top - a lengthened version of my woven sleeveless tank.  For some interest, I somewhat copied what I'd seen on other blogs - yoke in back and buttons.
Now that I see my own back in the picture - perhaps I should have made a longer yoke.  Oh well!  Next time.  The fabric ... who knows.  For some reason I thought that there was a fair bit of cotton content.  Given the fabric's absolute refusal to hold a press, I now rather doubt that.  Probably mostly polyester.  It's loose, and therefore cool enough for hot and muggy weather.
Two more pieces of fabric used that had previously been marinating in the fabric cupboard!