Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sunday outfit

Yesterday was definitely a bad face day.  I was scowling in every single picture.  Headless picture it is.

Oh, no - almost exactly the same outfit as back in September.  And the turtle neck is the same as just a few weeks ago.  These posts were supposed to show those items that hadn't been blogged before.  May-be I should rethink this.  Either I need to start digging a bit deeper in the closet, or I need better   planning on what to wear.  It's easy enough to just grab, dress and go.  Problem is - by end of season, I realize that I haven't worn so many items in my closet - not for any other reason than not taking the time to plan ahead.  And so in one way this exercise is a success.  I see that I repeat the same, or almost the same outfit all too easily.  Can't have all those other clothes feeling unwanted!
It may seem that I haven't been sewing.  Not so. Just a bit of a problem in finishing up - one does need buttons to close to be able to actually wear certain things.  A blouse, a skirt and a dress await those very necessary buttons.  Oh, and I finally started cutting a winter coat.  About time! 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Creativ Festival 2016

On Friday I had the great opportunity of going to the Creativ Festival in Toronto.  For me it was a real treat.  (I've been needing a good "outing" for quite some time.)  The venue was a different one from last year, the number of exhibitors was smaller, but I had a wonderful time.  One good thing about the smaller size - I could actually find those booths that I wanted to go back to!  Don't know how anyone else approaches "making the rounds", but I prefer to just browse and see all the displays  at first.  Then I decide what I just have to take home with me and return to make my purchases.  My only disappointment was being so sure that I could pick up the Jalie pattern for Eleonore pull-on jeans.  Turned  out, they were out of stock, so I put in my order and now I am not so patiently waiting for my pattern.

I've been a little jealous of people who meet up with fellow bloggers in person.  Never thought that it could happen to me.  But it finally did!  I met the lovely Sherri of Thread Riding Hood!  We just happened to be walking down the same aisle at the same time. 
Funny how you can instantly recognize someone whom you've only seen on the internet before!

Sunday outfit

Some days/weeks just refuse to go as planned.  Playing catch-up again, and I really cannot believe how late I am with this post!

Gray, rainy days do not make it easy to get nice pictures!
The skirt is Butterick 4615
- in a beige - no - let's call it light taupe (sounds so much better than boring beige) suiting.  I love this skirt.  It's a wrap, so there is no chance of inadvertent opening.  The other plus - with a quick re-positioning of the two buttons (one inside, one outside) a slight change in size can be accommodated.  This pattern is OOP, but I did spy it on several sites on the internet.

And the jacket is Vogue 1166
 in greeny/goldy/browny silk and cotton tweed.  (And this one is also OOP.)  The dress that it went with no longer resides in my wardrobe, but the jacket does seem to work with quite a few other pieces, so it stayed.

If there's any one thing that I have a difficult time letting go of, it's jackets.  They seem to take a fair bit of effort, and it's almost like throwing away a friend.  Periodically, I do worry that this or that jacket looks somewhat dated, or worn and weary, in which case said jacket gets pushed into the background until I can finally let it go.
Just curious - what me-mades do you have a difficult time letting go of?