Sunday, October 23, 2011

Creative Festival

I didn't think I would be able to, but I was lucky enough to go to the Creative Festival in Toronto on Friday.  There was so much to see, so many lovely things to paw at - I didn't really have time to take it all in before our time was up and I had to go back to the bus.  The one booth where I was really blown away, was Gaudet Fashion House.  These two fellows make the most amazing felted coats.  I just had to get back at the end of the day for a second look (and feel).

These are the most amazing coats I have ever seen.  Of course, there were workshops on this technique, which I was not lucky enough to get to.  Who am I kidding - even if I knew how to create this felt, I would never get around to actually making enough fabric to create such a coat.  Well, I can dream.  Notice - I don't dream of owning one of the coats created by someone else - I dream of being able to create such a coat.  Is there something wrong with my thinking?  Life would be so much easier if I didn't always think that I have to make everything I dream of.
Of course I didn't leave empty handed.  I finally have my very own Soho coat pattern from the Sewing Workshop Collection, which I've been "thinking about" for ages.  (Even got to talk to Linda Lee - the designer!)  What looks like black, is actually black and brown herringbone printed velveteen (so soft) and the other fabric is an absolutely luscious Italian wool for a pair of trousers.  And that little bit in the front of the picture is a small piece of the softest black leather.  I need a very small piece to patch my mother's gloves.  (That was the "excuse" for buying the leather in the first place.)  The rest will be - who knows - piping? binding? - well, some sort of accent on some sort of a jacket.  I'm determined that it will not sit in a box for years before it gets put to use!

Sorry - we're back to that time of year when outdoor photographs are next to impossible, so it will be back to figuring out something in terms of decent enough lighting to actually show things decently in pictures.  This was just a quick shot on my cutting table, and obviously, though well enough lit for me to cut - not nearly well enough lit for a decent picture.  I'll just keep on trying!


  1. Hope the coat goes well. Love the inspiration designs you posted.

  2. What lovely supplies you were able to buy! The coats are inspiring.

  3. Those Gaudet coats are absolutely stunning!!! How inspiring... can't wait to see what you make of your lovely new supplies :)

  4. what fun! Irene do you live near Toronto?

  5. I can't wait to see your coat. I'm sure it will be fabulous!