Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jewelery cases

Two more UFO's done and delivered.  I made a jewelery case for my sister at some point, which was to be followed by two more - one for each of my nieces.  They were cut, started (last year?) and then...  Since my sister's family was arriving for the Thanksgiving week-end (that was last week-end around here), I thought it might be nice to finish these up to give to the girls while they were here (and save on postage).  One was done well ahead of the week-end - the second one - well - let's just say that  every morning I woke up, made coffee and headed to the sewing room to put in some time before the others were up.  I did it - finished Monday morning to hand over a few hours later.
These are from KwikSew 3797, a collection of travel accessories.  I used cotton fabric scraps that I had lying around.  There is a pattern piece for the binding that goes around the edge, but I just used purchased binding, and because I can never get the tension on the machine to look right with this stuff, I finished the binding by hand.  (No headache over it looking bad.)
Bottom pocket flipped down.
Ugh - this looks skewed, because I probably had the camera tilted wrong.  You get the picture - all sorts of pockets and gizmos to keep everything in place.
Bottom pocket flipped up
On my sister's case I had used the clip-on (clip-in?) snaps - you know, the kind with prongs that you just squeeze into place.  I didn't like the way they went on - didn't feel very secure, so for these two cases I just sewed on large black snaps.  (Each of those ultrasuede strips have a snap - that's 8 snaps - probably why the sewing ordeal took so long!)
May-be I should now finish up some of the current sewing - too much jumping around from one project to another.  I have a dress "in process", a skirt started, a "raincoat" cut and a few things promised for my son and daughter that need to get done soon.  May-be I need to ignore the planning of the fall and winter wardrobe and just buckle down to sewing.


  1. Cute jewelry cases, I need to get that pattern, went on vacation and could have used several of the accessories from that pattern.

  2. Always nice to finish up a UFO! They are very nice. It's a good idea for a Xmas presents.

  3. I love bags and cases. These are great! Also, loved your cardi in the previous post.

  4. It is veery satisfying to finish a UFO, isn't it? These look very useful, and pretty too. I'm sure your nieces were very appreciative.

  5. These are so nice and I know it feels good to finish UFO's.

  6. Very nice and useful gifts! Good luck with your other projects too!