Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pamela's patterns

For a while I actually got into a "groove" with blogging.  Sew - take pictures - post.  Simple.  Then life got rather crazy.  Hopefully, things will now settle down to a more "normal" schedule.  That still leaves all the projects (not too many) that have gone unphotographed and unposted.  Guess I'll just have to play catch-up.  Who cares?  Well, I do.  Oddly enough, I feel much more sense of accomplishment once I have posted about a project, than when I simply hang it in the closet (or give it away).  So......
There was a bit of a scramble at the beginning of September to get my class samples done and hung up in the store.  My daughter was still here and she helped me pull out a number of items from my closet to be "pretend samples".  A vest is a vest (students pick their own pattern anyway), pants are pants, etc.  What I did have to actually sew were the items from Pamela's Patterns.  It was all Jane's fault!  I was admiring Jane's t-shirts and skirts and cardigans, and decided that these would make for wonderful classes, as well as a great way to promote the patterns.
Not too eye-catching, I know.  I remembered to snap the picture once I had the outfit hanging in the store.  Can't even try to compete with the colourful quilts that are hanging behind.  This trio is the Perfect T-shirt, the Magic Pencil Skirt and Cool Cardigans - Draped Front. The t-shirt happened way back last winter during a t-shirt marathon when I first got on the Pamela's Patterns bandwagon.  The skirt took a little more than an hour from cut to finish.  Mind you - I did not fit this skirt - just sewed.  It's hanging on a dummy!  I didn't have appropriate fabric and found something navy in the store basement.  After a wash, it turned into "distressed navy" - for a casual(?) look.  Hey - I was going for speed here - I was behind - very behind.  The cardigan - now this I really didn't want to be parted with for the several months that it will be hanging in the store.  The fabric is bamboo and spandex.  It's what's being sold as "ribbing" to go with the bamboo knit for t-shirts, so it's much beefier than the regular bamboo knit, and I think, perfect for a cardigan.  Sooooo soooooft!  It was a pleasure to sew.  Now, Pamela suggests gluing ( my term) the hems with Steam-a Seam.  I didn't.  (Notice - I don't follow instructions too well.)  I simply pressed the hems, serged the edges for a neater look and straight-stitched all the way around.  One thing that I'm not too crazy about is the elastic that scrunches the back of the neck to make the folds.  For the sample I followed instructions for that, but for my second cardigan I simply made a pleat.  (And that you will get to see in the next post.)  I could have shortened the armhole, but I didn't - after all, a cardigan should fit over a variety of tops, right?  Not just skinny-sleeved t-shirts. 
Classes are filling up.  I just taught the t-shirt class last Friday night.  These patterns are so easy.  The fitting is easy.  Every student that I've had in these classes goes away happy.  Thank-you Pamela!


  1. Congratulations! Your samples look pretty good, and the fact all your students are going away happy is wonderful news.
    (And I'm with you, "gluing" is not sewing in my book either... I never use that sticky rubbish. People are not going to learn how to sew neatly unless they actually SEW!, without resorting to shortcuts!)

  2. Love the cardi! Those draped front cardis are so popular. Nice outfit!

  3. So good to hear your classes are going well. Yay! I agree that bamboo is such a soft, yummy, knit to wear and the cardigan looks perfect made out of it.

  4. well I, for one, am glad you are blogging again. the cardigan is geat, Irene. I'll have to check out Pamela,s Patterns. Thanks for the tip!