Saturday, January 1, 2011

Recap and plans? for the coming year

Since I only started blogging about my sewing in October, I don't have a lovely string of pictures to show my accomplishments for the year.  However, last January I did start a list of everything I sewed, just to prove to myself that I did accomplish something.  I always seem to think that I'm getting nowhere with anything.  Mind you, at some points that list went a little haywire, and some things did not get logged into the stats.  But this is not "work", so does it really matter?  Let's just say that I sewed somewhere in the neighbourhood of 140 to 150 items.  Sounds like a lot, hmm.  So why do I feel that I have done nothing?   Mind you, in that number are some really easy pieces - like 2 tablecloths that only required serging around.  Shouldn't have even counted that.  There were endless scarves and little bags of one sort or another as well as aprons for gifts, some pillow slips (actually quite a few pillow slips - most of them in white! - you just saw those).  I made 8 aprons and 10 duffel bags for the camp where I volunteer in the summer.  Boring, boring boring!  As far as clothing for other people - well, there were the t-shirts for my daughter, the crazy hooded vest, as well as a shirt and a number of boxers for my son, 5 skirts for my mother, and 2 bridesmaid dresses for my little cousins.
Now on to the interesting stuff - the pieces that actually went into my wardrobe.  60 pieces were added to the closet, but somehow it really doesn't feel like it.  Granted, a lot were summer wear, and presently that stuff is not IN the closet.  (I have to switch things out for the seasons.)  A few things were for an occasion, worn only once.  Here's the tally.
miscellaneous (polar fleece socks, hat)         2
pyjamas (1 set, 2 pants only)                         3
pants                                                            14
vests                                                               2
jackets/cardigans                                           9
blouses/shirts                                                 8
dresses                                                          7
skirts                                                              8
knit tops                                                         6
swimsuit                                                        1
The only reason that I was able to sew so much, is that I have been home this year, and while job-hunting does take up an awful lot of time, it's still not the same as having to go to a job.  I'm also realizing that I have been using my sewing as an escape, and while it does keep me sane, it's not the only thing that should be happening in my life.
So - on to the sewing plans for 2011.  First and foremost - a whole lot less sewing for other people (my children and mother not counting in this).  I do not have to produce a handmade gift for every occasion.  I should be sewing items that actually fit into my life at the present, instead of things that I think I will need when circumstances change.  For the moment, that means more in the line of casual wear for home, which, oddly enough, is the most neglected part of my wardrobe.
I do lurk on Pattern Review and Stitcher's Guild, but I'm not too sure that I want to do more than that.  Guess I'm afraid that I already spend too much time at the computer, and any more involvement and I'll be regretting it.  Reading blogs and blogging is something that I'm enjoying at the moment, and that's what this is all about, eh?  I know that at the moment I'm not ready to join in to various sewing "challenges", though the 12 jackets was very tempting.  I do enjoy seeing the results of everyone else's efforts, though.  So - I'll keep doing what I'm doing, posting my results, and trying not to get so stressed about the whole thing.  Does it really matter how many items I produce?  Definitely not.  What matters is that I'm happy about every project, and mostly that I have fun (what's that?) in the process.  Enough of this soul-searching already!
What we need here is the requisite picture for this post.  You saw his back side yesterday.  Let me introduce you to my sewing buddy
I spent an inordinate amount of time the other day taking the requisite mugshots for his license renewal.  Whoever came up with that idea has never tried taking specific shots of a dog!



  1. Pushkin is so adorable! Happy New Year. You were super productive last year. So many items. Here's to a fun sewing year.

  2. I think I prefer sewing without a plan, some of my favourite things were from a spur of the moment whim!
    Wouldn't it be nice to have a sewing buddy like Pushkin to sit beside you when you sew, and go fetch all those things that you left out of reach, like the scissors over on the ironing board!

  3. You've had an excellent sewing year in 2010. I think that, with the adorable Pushkin beside you, you will have a very successful year in 2011!

  4. Isn't it rewarding to summarize accomplishments at year's end. You have indeed been very prolific this year. Awesome. (and your pooch is darling). Have a wonderful 2011

  5. You've had an incredibly productive year!
    Sadly, I've made things in past years that were never photographed, even though I was very proud of them, and that I don't have any more. This was one of the reasons for starting my blog, too.
    Your dog is lovely! But I'm amazed that you have to take a picture for a license renewal. What next?!
    Happy New Year for 2011!

  6. Your dog is gorgeous! Really ... dog 'mug' shots for his license renewal!
    Keeping a record of what I've sewn, apart from blogging about it never crossed my mind - but so many people do it and then review on their blog at the end of the year. It seems a good idea.
    Re joining in sewing things - I will only take on what I know I can complete and one garment at a time seems to be okay ... lol
    12 jackets in a year - no way would I ever be able to do that or even a SWAP of 6 or more garments in a certain time-frame.
    You have certainly achieved a great deal in 2010 and hopefully you'll get some sewing for you in 2011.

  7. A very productive year !!!!! At the end all that matters is to enjoy sewing, if not ... it becomes work and no longer fun.

  8. Wow, 140 - 150 items sew. Now, that's over the top. I think you have a good plan for next year..., less sewing for others. I'm sure everyone appreciates the custom, personal gifts. But sometimes we need to spend a little more time on projects for ourselves. Happy New Year!

  9. 2010 was a very productive year for you and you furry baby is adorable.