Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chef's pants

Had a bit of a meltdown over the New Year's week-end.  Too much happening/not happening in this family and too many me-made presents planned/started/on the go.  I pulled myself together long enough to call certain people to warn them that their presents were going to get there eventually/at some point in the future/possibly before summer/as random surprises.  I'm now dealing with one sewing project at a time, while trying to deal with everything else.  Surprisingly, sewing makes me focus on what I'm doing, makes me forget about other "stuff", and things are getting made - albeit a little more slowly than usual.
First done were chef's pants for my son.  He's been making do with some black and navy dress pants that I sent to him, but after a year-plus of hard wear, I'm assuming that they're getting a little grungy.  He mentioned that he'd been looking to buy some, but all he can find is 100% polyester - not the most comfortable thing when you're in front of a stove for hours on end.  After a little research, I came to the conclusion that chef's pants are essentially scrubs.  In this case they have to be black -no cute vegetable prints or checks in this establishment.  Fabricland had cotton/poly twill - on sale for 40% off, no less!  I used KwikSew 2687, which seems to be OOP, but basically it's a men's pyjama/lounge pant. 

I added  a fly.  I added belt loops.  (I made them 2 inches - hope that's big enough for his belt!)  The pattern did include pockets, and I actually followed directions for sewing them in! - well, sort of - I didn't add interfacing, but did multiple rows of topstitching, which I hope will substitute for stabilizing this area, and cute little bar tacks top and bottom of the pocket opening.
Got the length from suit pants that are still hanging here.  We'll see if these will pass muster, before I sew any more.
How did I manage to really stress myself out?  Well, of course, as soon as the idea popped into my head, I decided that one pair just wouldn't do - of course, I'd have to whip out at least three pair.  Crazy!  A saner me realized, that if there need to be changes, and that might well happen, because who knows how these pants are going to fit - better to first make one pair and get some feedback before starting on factory output.
That's one parcel sent.  Working on the next one.
Oh!  Guess I should explain the dog license pictures, since some of you did comment on this.  Pushkin is an American Staffordshire terrier, and therefore falls into the category of pit bulls.  Pit bulls are illegal in the province of Ontario.  When this law was put into effect a number of years back, they kindly allowed existing pit bulls to continue existing, but there are a lot of rules to follow and heavy fines to pay, should rules not be followed.  We are allowed to be out in public only on a leash with a muzzle.  We have to be on time with license payments, and we have to submit mugshots every year for licensing.  Pushkin has no clue that he's supposed to be a ferocious animal.  My daughter brought him home when he was 4 weeks old (so the vet thought), and he thinks that he's a people.

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  1. My goodness, you are one busy lady!
    I'm sure you will get everything done and your son will be very thankful for his pants. Good idea to wait for the final verdict before sewing any more!