Friday, January 28, 2011

Paprika and nutmeg

This chenille sweater knit has been awaiting its turn for absolute ages.  I bought it when chenille sweaters became all the rage, and I absolutely had to have this piece, despite the fact that it's not a colour that I would normally choose. 
It somewhat reminds me of paprika, though there are little bits of all sorts of colours mixed in.  It's a loose knit - very stretchy, prone to unraveling.  Stands to reason that the style had to be incredibly simple.  I used my ancient Vogue 2299 for t-shirt dresses, which is long-time OOP.  I added the "wannabe cowl".  There wasn't a lot of fabric to play with - must have been an end piece.  Hems were a bit of a problem.  I tried a few samples, and rather nasty things happened when I attempted to topstitch.  Ended up serging the edges to keep stop any raveling, then hemmed by hand. 

The pants are yet another version of the same as the previous ones from the last batch of corduroy purchased.  The colour seemed to be more of a brown in the store, but once I had the piece home it looked to have more of a greeny tinge - reminds me of nutmeg.  (Now that's a really odd combination of spices - paprika and nutmeg!)  That's alright - it works.  Still a pretty basic neutral.  Guess I'll be on the look-out at some point for a nice rich chocolate brown.  For the moment, though, I think I have enough.  Two more pairs of cord pants in the works, and I suppose I should be looking ahead  a bit.  Time to at least think of spring things, even though at the moment it seems that the world will forever be bleak and cold.

I like this business of being able to cut my head off!  If my face turns out too weird (which in  most photos it most certainly does!) - I just cut it off.  Perfect.


  1. Your sweater looks so comfortable and love the color.

  2. Ohh, I love seeing your face .... you did a perfect mix, paprika and nutmeg. They are very comfortable and warm.

  3. Chic comfort: nothing could be better.

  4. Beautiful color and a very useful garment.