Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moving right along

One more gift done.  This one's for my sister - a photo album.
I always spend far too much time trying to think up some clever design for these, but in this case the simple stripes work, I think.  The fabric is silk dupionni in cream and moss green.  I blanket stitched along every seam.  The edges are satin stitched twice over in rayon embroidery thread, which is also what the blanket stitch is done in.  Now that I see this in a picture, I think that I should have switched to cream thread for sewing on the ribbon, but... too late now.
Close-up of satin-stitched edge.

There's been other sewing happening too.  I've finished a second pair of cords and another sweater.  They still need a final press before they make their closet debut.

Had a phone call from my son - the chef's pants are a perfect fit (whew!), and he's thrilled.  Only one small change - he would like the elastic to be a tad tighter.  He always, always wore belts with pants.  Apparently this is not so comfortable when you wrap an apron around your middle.  How am I to know?  Minor detail to change on the next pair.

I'm itching to make a coat.  I'm itching to make a dress.  Unfortunately, I have to be sewing my samples for classes.  We're doing a series of classes at the store, using the Pamela's Patterns t-shirts.  First a class on a basic t-shirt.  Then a class using the pattern for different necklines.  Then a class on making a dress from the t-shirt pattern.  I'm responsible for the second and third of these classes.  Somehow I need to get motivated.  The open house at the store, when all new samples need to be in place, is in less than 2 weeks, and I'm still only thinking.  Problem is - I keep thinking it's so easy - a couple of t-shirts to whip up - no big deal.  At the rate I'm going, I'll be sewing them at the last minute, and that really won't do.  I cheated with the jacket and pants classes - I hung the silk tweed jacket and camel pants that I made a few months ago, since I haven't worn them yet.


  1. Love the photo album. It's in colors I adore! Your sister will be delighted, I'm sure! Good luck on the mock-ups for your classes.

  2. Splendid gift! I love your works so much!!!

  3. Love the unique photo album. Great gift idea.

  4. What a beautiful photo album and love the use of silk dupoini.

  5. That is a really neat photo album, Irene. Very cool.