Sunday, November 28, 2010

I found pictures!

While trying to at least begin some semblance of order in the photo department of the computer, I came across these photos that my son took about 3 years ago.  He had a digital camera and I didn't at that time.  I think that I had some crazy notion that I was going to do a magazine article, or something.  Who was I kidding?  Who would publish something like that?  Well, now that I am master of my own blog - I can post any pictures I choose, write nonsense, and then send it all into cyberspace. 

The reason this jacket came into being, was the need of some sort of sample of felting that would help in promoting the felting machines at the store.  I had already made a polar fleece scarf with pictures cut out of flannel and felted all over.  That was too easy.  I wanted to show that felting wasn't just for the crafty types.  It can be used for "real" clothing, too.

By the way - the pattern is Vogue 8124, which is now OOP. The fabric is a very soft wool flannel that was left over from a client's jacket.  As usual, in such cases - I had a difficult time fitting pattern pieces, which is why a cuff detail became a necessity.  The idea for this felting experiment came from the work of a Japanese lady (name I do not remember) who linked up with Babylock to promote their felting machine.  She does the most amazing work.
Wrong side of fabric

I cut flowers (red, obviously) from quilting cotton - strategically placed them on the wrong side of my fabric, then felted them down with the machine, constantly checking the other side, so that I could stop just as soon as I had the desired effect.  Oh yes, I did chalk out my pattern pieces on the black fabric first, so that I had some idea of where I needed to place the flowers. 

Right side of fabric   

(As you can probably tell, I've learned to zoom and crop and do fun things with photos on the computer!  This is fun.)  After a very short time, you have a shadowy design emerging on the under (right) side of the fabric.  Overdoing is quite easy - you really have to keep a close eye on your work, but it's a lot of fun.

Luck was on my side, because I had the cording in my stash, which happened to match perfectly.  Boring black jacket became not-so-boring.

I quite enjoy playing with the felting machine.  I made various other samples - a vest with swirls of wool roving went to live in my niece's closet (it suited her better), a pillow, which still resides at the store.  I'm not sure that I really need the machine.  For me it would be a fun toy.  There are many more items on the "want" list for the sewing room, which are of far greater importance (like a coverstitch machine, an embroidery machine, an iron that doesn't have "issues" - the list could be quite long, I suppose).  Unfortunately, there are much more pressing needs (like 2 bathrooms that need a total redo), and I am lucky to have the equipment that I do that allows me to sew! 


  1. I've seen those machines once felted, but you are right ... waiting list of items is long for my sewing room also. But the jacket was FANTASTIC!

  2. What a fantastic way to use the feting machine, the result looks great - I'm itching to give it a go!
    I did buy one of these machines (A cheap one!) about a year ago, and honestly I used it for about a week and now it sits on the shelf......

  3. I've never even heard of a felting machine! The jacket looks amazing.

  4. Love this jacket-what a cool effect. How much are felting machines? Can I justify it? hmmmm...

  5. The jacket is gorgeous! Flowers look wonderful!

  6. How lovely! I'm glad you posted it.

  7. That is a very interesting effect. And your piping is superb!

  8. The jacket is fantastic.... and like other reviewers, I've never heard of a felting machine. Beautiful results.

  9. Irene, Thanks for sharing the processing of felting. The jacket is lovely right down to the last detail. You certainly are an expert with making the best out of the remnants in your collection. Simply beautiful.

  10. Oh, Irene, you make me so happy that I bought one of these machines on clearance last summer. What a wonderful, subtle use of this technique. I agree, not a necessity but I don't have an embroidery machine....just friends who have embroidery machines:-)