Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Damian's wish

Frustration!  Just when I have things all planned out for what gets sewn, one after the other - reality sets in.  I owe my son a present (it was his namesday).  Since I was a very lazy mother and didn't get on with things when I should have, I now have to take a break from sewing for me and get going with the present.  From a very early age my children learned that pictures and explanations of what they want got translated into some semblance of their wishes in the sewing room.  That was a very bad precedent to set.  However, I now have to deal with it.  So - what Damian needs is a vest with a hood.  Not just any hood.  It has to look like something on the Dark Riders.  (Isn't that from the Lord of the Rings?) 

Why you may ask.  Well, apparently he needs something to cover his head on the way to and from work on rainy days.  (I take it there's mostly rain in Vancouver over the winter.)  Something that will at least repel water.  Sweatshirt hoods are too small for his liking.  (They probably aren't too rain resistant, either.)  And why does he need such a large hood, you may ask.  Well, because there is entirely too much hair to cover.  Why a blonde boy needs to sport dreadlocks is beyond my comprehension, but that's another story.

Here's the plan.

I have this pattern in my collection.  It's KwikSew 3250.  Now, if I take View B, minus the sleeves, add a zipper at centre front and enlarge the hood, I think that it'll work.  I have a piece of polyester something-or-other that I had bought to make me a raincoat (may-be there will still be enough left for me - maybe), and a piece of some warmish plaid that was supposed to be a skirt for Taya (didn't happen), which I can use for a lining.  Guess that should translate into a vest that can be worn under a coat during the colder weather.  I have a few patterns (for capes) with larger hoods that I can compare, to see what I have to do to make this work.  As you can see, nothing ends up as it was supposed to in my world.  Hmm.  Seems to me that there was a lovely piece of black suiting that was to be a suit for me, but somehow ended up becoming a tuxedo jacket for Damian, because he had to have one that he saw on the Academy Awards.  Beware of teaching your children that mother can make them anything that they can dream up.  And stay tuned to see if I can actually produce something that will make my son happy, but will not make me embarrassed to know that it's walking around the streets at the other end of the country.


  1. Your sewing plan sounds like a winner.

  2. The Dark Riders from the comic book series ARE kind of like Grim Reapers on horseback like that picture! I like your pattern plans... should work out really well!