Sunday, October 3, 2010

A blouse to go under the jacket

Well - a jacket needs a blouse to go under it, and since I also do a class on "fitting your top", this is again part of the "samples sewing" marathon.  This is McCall's 5661.  I did the bodice of Views E and D, and sleeves from View C.  There's a facing that I omitted, opting for a bias strip.  The fabric is some mix of polyester and possibly a bit of cotton.  I didn't buy it (it's from my dear sister-in-law's closet-cleaning session), so I have no clue.  Feels nice, but it is a bit crisp, and I didn't think that a facing would keep the tucks under control.  Well, that, and with the see-through quality of the white - a big facing would have been pretty ugly.   

 Why did these pictures turn out so yellow?  Oh well.
 And now (drum roll please) - the full effect - blouse under the jacket with a pair of black pants for good measure. 

I'll be wearing the blouse tucked in, because with this type of jacket I think it will just look better.  When that will be - who knows.  For now, the whole ensemble is hanging at the store for all to see, and hopefully to be inspired to sign up for classes.   

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