Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let's try this blogging thing out

Ever since I discovered sewing blogs, I've wanted to join the fun.  I love to read about other people's creations, to read the comments, but so far I've only been "lurking".  First the problem was - no camera, therefore no pictures to show.  Then I bought a camera, but...  This procrastinating has been going on long enough.  Time to take action!  So here it is.  My pictures are far from perfect.  (I'll learn.)  I have no body double, no other person to take the pictures (haven't taught the dog yet), and I haven't figured out the timer thingy on the camera.  So - the items will be on hangers.  May-be that's a good thing - no-one will be able to see whether things fit or not.  You'll just have to take my word for it!

I'm cheating (and will be for the next few posts) - I made this about a month ago.  I was taking pictures of things I'd made - I just wasn't going anywhere with them.  So - I'll start the ball rolling with things that were made in the last month or so.

I made this jacket as a sample for a tailored jacket class that I do.  It's Butterick 4028 (OOP).  The fabric is something I picked up in the clearance section at Fabricland some time ago.  Not exactly a tweed.  Not exactly a boucle.  Probably the infamous "unknown fibres" - though I think that it has a fair percentage of cotton.  We'll see how it will wear - it was leaving fuzzies all over the sewing room.  I added pockets (not in the pattern).  Sewed the trim on by hand, because that is SO much safer.  I had visions of having to rip and doing damage to fabric and trim.  For a closure - 2 brass buttons with some Celtic-type design and a piece of chain that I highjacked from my jewelry drawer.  And for now this jacket is hanging in Joyce's Sewing Shop, and not in my closet, but it will come home.

And why, oh why does the lining look buckled?  It really does hang properly - really!!


  1. Welcome to blogging! You'll soon discover how fun and addictive it can be. It's not cheating one bit to write a post about something you sewed a month ago. At least I hope not because that would mean I've been doing a lot of cheating lately.

    And when you figure out how to teach the dog to take photos would you mind sharing? I have two four-footed members of the family that I wouldn't mind getting to help out!

  2. How exciting! Someone actually found my blog!

  3. I second the welcome to blogging. the jacket is gorgeous.

  4. Hi, another one finding your blog. Great jacket!