Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday outfit

To-day was a very crazy day.  By the time I could even contemplate pictures, it was dark and I knew that picture quality would be far from optimal.  I was also on my own for camera duty.  Nevertheless - I am determined to stick with "the plan".  And so...

The skirt was inspired by one that I saw on Matches  Theirs was silk.  Mine is definitely not.  A few days after having seen the fabulous silk skirt with bold black and white horizontal stripes on the website, I was walking through Fabricland, and this black and white stripe jumped out at me.  It's a polyester knit with texture.  The price was definitely right - for an on-a-whim skirt.  And so, the fabric came home.

Doesn't everyone take pictures of their knees?
I measured carefully, marked my pleats, sewed on the waistband.  Something had gone very wrong.  The waist was far too large.  I do believe I wore it once, but it was not a comfortable situation.  Skirt hung in closet for months.  Then came an article in Threads about figuring out pleating for skirts.  (Sorry - I am not running to find the exact issue at the moment.)  Just before Easter I decided that this skirt would do well as the bottom half of "the Easter outfit".   I took off the waistband.  remeasured me, the fabric, the waistband .... in centimetres.  Did the calculations.  Repleated the skirt.  Resewed the waistband.  I think that originally I hadn't used stiff/stable enough interfacing in the waistband, and it had stretched - this being a knit - duh.  I finally had a wearable skirt.  It had its outing for Easter with a white blouse.  Then it hung unloved.  It was not a "summer" kind of skirt.  Far too heavy.  With a white top, the look certainly didn't say "Fall".  Yesterday I had an idea that this skirt could work with a black sweater, so to-day I decided to try this idea out.
The sweater is a Pamela's Patterns Perfect T-shirt hack in some unknown mix of fibers, but with a definite touch of angora.  (This one hasn't been  on the blog before.)
Belted with a suede tie belt.  (Belts always seem to finish off the outfit.)
Over top I wore the white wool coat.  (And yes, the pockets have now been moved higher to where they belong.)
Overall - a decidedly un-Fall-like palette, but I was nice and cozy for the nippy weather that has settled in here.
If  you want a good laugh ...  This is what I was wearing - heels and all - while mopping out the floor of the washroom in the church hall early in the afternoon.  There was a "situation" that needed to be dealt with, and apparently one has to be decked out in heels and ankle-length skirt to be up to such a task.


  1. From what I can see, you have created a lovely skirt, Irene. I admire your determination to get the post and picture done.

  2. What a lovely skirt! I'm really drawn to black n white combos lately so this beautiful skirt really caught my attention. Simply lovely.

  3. Stunning skirt. You should smile in your show just how please you should be with the outfit.

    1. Thank-you! How can I smile when I'm so worried how the photo is going to turn out?

  4. This is a gorgeous skirt with a wonderful graphic effect and I love it with the black sweater

  5. So very chic. You have the most lovely willowy figure to show off these longline swishy skirts to perfection :).