Monday, October 3, 2016

Sunday Outfit

To-day the resident photographer wasn't feeling well, and "the photo shoot" did not yield the best of pictures.
I really should have checked that everything was sitting just right - but -I didn't.

Fortunately, my stand-in volunteered to model a little later on in the day.
The jacket - Sewaholic Cordova - wool in a pebbly weave.
The skirt - self-drafted midi pencil skirt.  The fabric - some combination of cotton and who knows what in a rather coarse weave - a remnant that happened to be the perfect colour match for the blouse.  I was a little short of fabric, hence the lace inset.  I did plan for the inset to be a little higher up from the hem.  Unfortunately, I goofed when chopping the bottom of the skirt, and, well, there was absolutely no way to remedy that.
I backed the lace with a sheer knit to stabilize the lace.  (I have no idea where the stuff came from.  Thought of tossing it many a time, but it finally came in handy!)
The blouse - Sewaholic Alma - in a rayon print.  Feels almost like a lightweight bark cloth.
To the best of my knowledge, none of these pieces have appeared on the blog yet, thought they were made in the last two or so years.  Perhaps there is hope of catching up with all the unblogged items in the closet!


  1. What a lovely outfit and I especially love the soft but graphic print in that rayon top.