Friday, February 3, 2012

Class samples III

Samples are all done and delivered.  To-day and tomorrow are "open house" at the store and hopefully many people will come to sign up for classes.   I had thought that I would post as I finished each project, but that (obviously) did not happen.  Pictures did get taken, despite the gloomy weather, so I do have "proof".  You just won't get all the proof at once.
We're trying something new this time around (did I mention this already?).  Sewing Workshop is what we're calling it - both for beginners and advanced, as well as a separate one for quilters - that one is not my department.  The idea is, that people can bring in whatever project they like and get help in putting it together.  Problem was - what to hang as samples.  Well, pretty well anything would work, I suppose.  So, for the Beginners I made this bag...
Leftover fabric from the vest that I made for my nephew.  The pattern I downloaded from here.  I left off a few details - but it just wasn't a little-bands-and-buttons-on-bag kind of a day when I was making it.  For the lining - what else - rusty coloured cotton.
And of course, the requisite magnetic snap.  Even a pocket on the inside!  Don't know that this bag is exactly "me", so whenever it comes home, we just might have to find it a better home.  Best part is - there is still a strip of this fabric left and I think I know how to utilize it for me, me, me!
Now for some really exciting show and tell...
My board of seam finishes - for what else - the Seam Finishes class.  Yes, I knew that you were just waiting with baited breath for this amazing feat of sewing.  (I'm not even sure that the picture is in focus!)
And that my friends, is all that I will show you for the moment, because that's all the patience I have for downloading pictures.  To be continued...


  1. I love the purse-the colors and shape are so me:-) and I pinned it for the future. Your seam board is very cool also-reading these recent posts make me miss my teaching job...for a short moment.

  2. Your students will learn so much from you, I'm sure.
    The seam finishes course would be excellent.
    The bag looks very roomy and a very nice shape.
    All the best with your classes. :)

  3. Cute bag. You are a fine teacher. The display board of all the finished seam is excellent!