Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vogue 7947

This one has been "in the works" since the summer.  It finally got finished in the fall.  Didn't want to leave it "hanging" as a UFO.  Nothing spectacular - chocolate brown silk jacquard in a sort of sand-washed finish.  It was meant to replace the exact same design made of something unnatural that is a little worse for wear.  The pattern is old, but the style is rather basic.  I can wear it belted or plain.  The fabric was a bit of a challenge, as there are thicker threads running along the crossgrain.  It was definitely slow sewing (with a microtex needle), and even then every stitch made a strange kachunk sort of sound.  Rather unnerving.  Otherwise, the fabric is beautiful.  I still have quite a lot of this same fabric left in the brown as well as in black.  I suppose that now that I've figured out the oddities of this fabric I should be able to deal more confidently with whatever I decide to sew out of the rest of it.
By the pattern, this dress is just a pull-on.  Didn't like that about the previous version, so I put in an invisible zipper in the back seam.  And boring brown needed a little bit of dressing up, so I just "happened to have" a small piece of brown charmeuse to use for piping (conveniently already cut into bias strips!)  Sometimes I am happy about not throwing out little scraps.

As for the lining - well - I had a piece of georgette that I really couldn't envision as anything, so that's what got used for that purpose.
It works.
Now originally, the idea was for this dress to go with this jacket, made last year.
Opening my closet, I realized that it also went with this jacket.
And this jacket (ancient vintage).
And this jacket (slightly less ancient vintage).
And it could even go to a fairly dressy occasion with this jacket (may-be this one is too ancient a vintage?)
Enough!!!  You get the picture.  Question is - just exactly how versatile is one dress supposed to be?  It's not like there aren't other clothes in my closet to wear.  I was only thinking of the first combination when I was making the dress.  Fortunately (may-be not?), if you have a lot of one colour (namely brown) in your closet, things just sort work together without much thinking involved.


  1. Lovely dress and really like the versatility of it and I believe we all strive to sew something with unlimited

  2. The piping is lovely! A really great touch. The dress is simple, but what a key piece for all those gorgeous jackets.

  3. I like the piping too. It is very versatile. I'd consider making a belted jacket to wear with it (maybe even going to the safari look).

  4. Very versatile.
    The piping is a lovely, elegant finishing touch.
    Gail's idea of a belted jacket to wear with it is interesting.

  5. This post was very inspiring to me. The dress is so simple, but elegant looking with the piping trim. And it is incredibly versitle. It looks great with all your lovely jackets. It made me wonder if a similar style dress would work with several of the jackets in my closet. And as it happens I have this pattern.

  6. Beautiful, and I think it is going to be amazingly versatile. Chocolate is definitely one of my favourite colours too ;)

  7. Congratulations in making such a versatile dress, it looks great with every jacket you showed!

  8. I love that the dress goes with so many pieces in your wardrobe...and the piping on the dress is TDF!!!

  9. The dress is classic and I love the way you styled it with the beautiful jackets from your wardrobe.