Monday, December 26, 2011

Start of catch-up of what I've been sewing

I'll be playing catch-up for the next while.  Sewing happened.  Even picture-taking happened (though not the best, necessarily).  Sitting down every time to write - didn't happen.  So, we'll take it one project at a time (because I don't have the patience at the moment to sit through too many pictures downloading).
(Snagged the picture from Amazon)
This year I decided that I would be ready ahead of time for holiday parties.  Not that I don't have stuff to wear, but it seems that every year I stand in front of the closet, pondering what to wear when someone says to "drop by".  Every year I grab the same old stuff, and frankly, it's gotten rather boring - at least to me.  So - this year - an actual plan.  A few tops that can be worn with existing bottoms (well, as it turns out with the same pair of basic black pants) that will look at least a little like they're going to a party.
First one that got done was a dark cream peasant blouse in silk broadcloth for my "bohemian look".  I used OOP Vogue 8290.

I followed the pattern - mostly.  I did do a SBA, just because there's a limit to the amount of "blousiness" that one needs under a vest, as this is to be worn, at least initially, with my black velvet vest.  Pattern directions tell you to make a buttonhole in the casing at the wrists and threading a ribbon through.  Uh - last time I checked there was no personal maid hiding in this house to help me tie pretty bows at my wrists every time I decide to wear this blouse.  So - I used elastics.  Now there's a bonus to this - because I can now push the sleeves far up my arm to hike up those lovely ruffles far from danger when, for example, I sit down to a table to eat.  One does have to think of these things.  Ruffles dragging through food is not a pretty sight!  Oh yes, instead of a ribbon through the neck casing, I used a bias "spaghetti", which I tacked down at the shoulder seams and the front, once I figure out the distribution of the gathering.  (Ribbon never seems to come in just the right shade of any colour to make my life easier!)
Here's the way I'm planning to wear this on New Year's.
I was planning a velvet cord belt with beaded tassels, but may-be I'll just give myself a break and wear this one.


  1. I love peasant style blouses but find the shoulder fitting too scooped and shows bra straps - I love this version - you won`t have any trouble like that here.

  2. Boho chic!
    You will look super in the outfit.

  3. What a beautiful blouse! Good idea on the elasticated wrists, and tethering the neckline ruffles in place; sheer genius!

  4. Lovely blouse and like how you paired it with the vest.

  5. I made this blouse several years ago but never thought to wear it under a vest. It really looks nice with the vest. I liked the ribbon tie look, but like you realized tying them after putting the blouse on was a problem. So I sewed ribbon ends to pieces of elastic. The ribbon bows are permanently tied. The elastic is hidden in the casing and makes putting on the blouse easy.

  6. That is a gorgeous blouse. I love that you made it from really parties up such a classic design. Great tip from Audrey!

  7. What a pretty blouse and a good idea about the elastic at the wrists. I imagine it feels so good on, being that it is made of silk. Love it with the vest!