Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Santa's pants

Well, I'll bet you didn't expect to hear from me again so soon!
A little out of season, but here they are...
on location at Joyce's Sewing Shop.  Joyce decided to do a "Christmas in July" series of classes, and this is my contribution to that series.
A few years ago my daughter saw the original version of these pants in a wine store.  Ever on the look-out for projects for her mother to use for classes, etc., she decided that they would look even better made up in a nicer quality of fabrics than the originals, which were sort of plasticky.  Well, to copy, we needed to purchase, and the only way that the bag could be had was with two bottles of wine.  (I know, a real hardship.)  Bought the lot, then proceeded to copy the gift bag.  My version debuted a few years back at a sewing club meeting at the store.  Then they kicked around for a while, until they were given away as a present - with bottles of gourmet salad dressing, not wine.  Oh well.  So now I had to make up a new pair as a sample.  They're a bit more fiddly than the average gift bag, but... for that special person...  I've also envisioned these in black, as tuxedo pants, or in a wild check as clown pants, though I've never actually done any other version.
These particular pants are made from upholstery weight velvet, with buckram for stiffener.  I suppose the fur could be of a shorter variety, but the long stuff is all that I have on hand.  The belt and the straps are grosgrain ribbon.  The bottoms of each leg (not visible) are  black wool.
Hopefully there will be some people wanting to make these in a class.


  1. This is so cute! What a terrific idea...

  2. This makes me laugh. It is a great idea for a gift bag, I can picture all kinds of variation based on the gift and recipient.

  3. I also giggled when I saw the gift bag... Its adorable.

  4. How fun! That is a shockingly original gift! And homemade!

  5. Irene, that is so cute! I'm sure you'll have people lining up to make that for Christmas presents.
    I think the tuxedo idea is brilliant, a great man's gift.

  6. I totally like your blog and am a new follower.
    Visit my blog to see my sewing projects.