Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grey and pink - part 2

Here's where the pink starts to come in.  The trousers (pants?).  Around here most people use the word "pants".  "Trousers" is hardly ever used and sounds outdated.  I do remember from pattern drafting class that there are "trousers", "slacks" and "jeans".  The last one is self-explanatory, but I don't think anyone makes the distinction between "trousers", "slacks" anymore.  Come to think of it, I haven't really heard anyone use the term "slacks" in ages, though way back, I do remember it being used all the time.  Anyone have any insights on this?
Enough of that.
From Claire Shaeffer's Custom Couture Collection - Vogue 8498.
I like pleated pants.  They're very comfortable.  For a while, there, if you listened to the style gurus, you were committing a terrible sin by wearing by wearing pleated pants.  Then all of a sudden it has become OK to wear them.  Anyway...  These are the first run for this pattern, though its been languishing in the drawer for some time.  I did not follow all the lovely directions for a couture finish.  I did not put in the pockets (which, I know, I will later regret).  I did line these.  Oh - and I didn't put in a "real" fly zipper, just a "mock", because I don't like having extra layers of fabric that create a bump.  The fabric is "summer suiting", whatever that's supposed to mean, and has also been lying around for a bit.  ( Fabric needs to "age", like a fine wine.)  And where is the pink?  In the stripes!
Just barely.
Now I do have to go tackle the buttonholes on the jacket.  They're the only thing left to do (well, that and sewing on the buttons).  I've procrastinated, made enough sample buttonholes to outfit many jackets, and I'm keeping myself from tackling other sewing, because I'm all set up to do these buttonholes.  Once they're done - I'll have a new outfit to wear!  Even that thought hasn't managed to get me over my insane fear of putting these buttonholes in the jacket.


  1. I like pinstripes when they are subtle like this. My husband works in the City of London and sometimes the pinstripes there on men's suits are really thick and loud. After 10 years living here, it still looks comical to me!

  2. Classy, very classy. I agree with Karin, love the subtle pink pinstripes!