Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My wild skirt

In that batch of cottons that I last picked up was this chocolate brown wild animal print.  (Really wild of me!)  I wanted a skirt - with pockets.
Blouse is Simplicity 4077 OOP
Since that New Look 6018 was lying around, I made a hybrid of the two views.
The view with the pockets has a slit in the back and sits an inch below the waist.  The other version has no slit, sits at the waist, and despite the fact that it is ever so slightly A-line, reads as a straight skirt.  So a hybrid it was.
 The pockets needed some definition, so I made some black piping.  And just for good measure, I outlined the top in piping too.
This time around the button at the top of the zipper went on the inside of the skirt.
Best representation of the actual colour of the fabric
And, of course, it needed a lining to make it easier to wear.
This is one of those skirts that can be dressed up or dressed down.  With heels and a jacket it looks quite business-like, despite the print.  With flip-flops and a more casual top it can go to a picnic.  After its initial outing, the only tweak that it needs, is to sew down along the topstitching of the pocket at the very top, so that the pocket stays in place every time I shove my hands in and out.  (bad habit, I know)  Guess the waist could have been a tad more snug, too, but the skirt stays put, even after umpteen times of getting in and out of the car, so I'm not going to bother changing the waist.  (Way to much stitching to undo!)
Quilting cotton looks so much better as a skirt!


  1. oh, love that fabric. The skirt is so well fitted.

  2. Was this really quilting cotton? It hangs nicely for quilting cotton. I like the print too. I think the piping is a great touch, it helps give the skirt a bit of flare.

  3. Irene, your skirt is lovely. Very nicely made and what a great idea to add the piping and put the button to the inside.
    Your pose is very elegant and shows off your skirt and blouse very nicely.

  4. Beautifully finished, your work is so immaculate! I like the button being on the inside like that.

  5. Irene! Your skirt is fantastic! I'm excited about the button on the waistband, it's a detail of haute couture. I am happy that you are going to fill your wardrobe again.

  6. Unique fabric. When it used to make a classic skirt style, it adds a nice surprise. I like the piping detail. So pretty.


  7. I love this skirt for its versatility as you pointed out..casual or business-like. It is so classy and beautifully finished. Also I think the subtle A-line looks great on you.

  8. Lovely skirt and awesome print. I like your use of the tab and button closure, wondering if you would do a tutorial.