Friday, March 25, 2011

Boy's vest

Still working on catching up with the promised Christmas presents.  This one is for my nephew.

Kwik Sew 2314
I asked my sister what size to make.  She said a boy's 16.  When I looked at the body measurements for the largest size in boys' patterns, they were exactly the same as the men's small.  It made sense to me, to buy the men's pattern, because boys only grow larger, and I would certainly get more use from the men's pattern.
The fabric is a cotton Japanese ikat -  remnants "inherited" from a friend.  I'd been musing over this fabric for a vest pour moi, but - it decided differently.  It's still a vest.  There are still a few skinny scraps left that may become a bag of some sort for me.  Now that it's made up, the vest looks rather large, but, as I said - boys grow, so it won't be too large for long, I'm sure.  I'm not going to spend too much time pondering what would have been the difference had I used a boy's pattern.  Not too thrilled with the lining options that I came up with.  The red on the ikat is rather a rusty tone.  Pure red lining really didn't work.  This rather orangey colour was actually the best choice.  And yes, those are real welt pockets, not just fakes.  According to instructions, the pocket should have been entirely made of the outer fabric.  Given the thickness of the cotton, I thought that it would have made too big a lump, so I cut the pockets from a scrap of black lining fabric and attached a rectangle of the cotton for the part that would show.  The buttons are vintage men's suit buttons.
Back detail - the all-important back belt and buckle.  Now that I'm looking at these pictures, I'm somewhat regretting not having used this fabric for myself.  On the other hand - what's done is done.  There are other fabrics in the stash to play with.  Guess I'd better scrounge up a box, wrap this up and send this vest off to Ottawa.  (Christmas in March?)

I don't say this often enough - thank-you for all the wonderful comments that get sent my way with every post.  I do so love to hear from everyone.  ... and welcome to those who have recently signed up as followers.


  1. This fabric is quite beautiful, I'm not surprised you are having some reservations about your unselfish act!
    But on the bright side I'm sure he will love it.

  2. That is gorgeous ... I love how you have used the fabric. Your nephew will love it!

  3. The vest looks great in the Ikat fabric. I can see why you wish you had used it for a vest for yourself. But it is a wonderful gift for your nephew.

  4. I love all your details, that makes a difference, these drawings perfectly aligned and perfection to cut and sew, you're a perfectionist adorable and your nephew certainly appreciate the effort.

  5. Great vest and he will enjoy it immensely... like the welt pocket & back belt detail.

  6. What a treasure of a fabric to have in your stash and how generous of you to make this for your nephew! And real welt pockets. I hope mine go as well with my jacket. I must be sure to slow down and make a couple practice runs. I can't wait to see the other beauties in your stash!