Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mama's Easter dress

I was merrily sewing along on an outfit - pants done, blouse done, jacket yet to go, when it dawned on me that Easter was only 3 weeks away.  Yikes!  Definitely time to sort out who's wearing what for Easter.  Seems that's my job.  Over the week-end I stitched up a dress for my mother.  I don't ask her opinion.  I just choose fabric, cut some variation of the same pattern, because I know that it will fit, sew it up, then tell her that I'm coming over for a fitting.  We do need to mark the hem, and she has to complain that this, that and the other thing are not working for her.  I listen, put in my pins where I see fit, then I take it home, finish it, and deliver a done deal.  Works rather well.  Mama gets a new dress - I don't spend a lot of time listening to the likes that she already has enough clothing, that I don't have time to be sewing for her, etc., etc.
I know, looks rather mumu-like.  I liked the fabric - polyester, but sooo soft.  Definitely a grandma print, though I was tempted to use it for a skirt for myself.  Very easy care - washer, dryer, hanger.  (Very definitely grandma fabric!)  She'll wear it with a black belt and a cream-coloured jacket that we dug out in her closet.  The pattern is old - don't know if it qualifies as vintage.
Vogue 7719
I made a few changes.  According to the pattern there is no zipper - there are buttons on the shoulders.  Did away with the buttons and put an invisible zipper down the back.  Instead of the facing, I doubled the yoke - covers all the unfinished edges inside.
As many women of a certain vintage, my mother has a rather rounded back.  With this particular pattern, it still fits across the back - no alterations needed.  The front, however, does need some tweaking, because she's getting smaller across the front, as the back continues to round out.  I simply moved the sleeves in further, starting at the shoulder, down to the notch.
Oddly enough, you can hardly see the yoke in these pictures, whereas in reality it does show.  Oh well.  That's one down.  Two more to go.  Mine's easy - well...  I made a major mess of the buttonholes on a jacket last year, which then got tossed in a basket, where it has stayed ever since.  The skirt and blouse to that jacket are ready to go - have been since last year.  I think that I can salvage the jacket.  Figured it all out in my head.  Now if only things work in reality, as they do in my head, we'll be just fine.  Then there'll be something needed for my daughter...  And then there's my son - yes, he'll be home for Easter!  He called to-day that he's bought his ticket.  Guess that means that I should take his suit to the cleaners.  (That's easy!)


  1. I think it is great that you are sewing your mom an Easter Dress. It's a super kind and thoughtful present, and she is probably someone who realises all the effort that goes into it and will appreciate it all the more. I hope she loves it and feels special wearing it.

  2. You are a marvelous daughter! Mom will love that pretty dress. Sounds like you're going to have a terrific Easter!

  3. That is so sweet of you! Perfect mom dress, made with affection and thoughtfulness.

  4. Pretty colours in the fabric and I'm sure your mum is going to look very stylish for Easter. The cream jacket will go very well with it.
    Lovely that you will have your family together for Easter.