Monday, March 21, 2011

More on Oyster grey

I was in such a hurry yesterday to get the post done that I completely forgot to give credit where credit is due, and also to explain why I had to wash the blouse before wearing it.
For starters, the grey print fabric is a very light-weight slithery polyester.  Not the best of fabrics to work with.  But thanks to Bunny's tip on using spray starch, I had no problems in doing the narrow hems on the bottom of the blouse or on the long ties.  When it came to doing the cuffs, I used Sherry's expert advice on cuffs.  Mind you, I did sew the sleeve to the cuff while the cuff was still flat, because I was a little afraid of how it was all going to line up, given the slitheriness of the fabric and my widening of the sleeve.  But as far as doing the ends of the cuff - Sherry's advice worked like a charm.
There is no interfacing in the front of the blouse, since the centre front just gets folded over twice.  That got sprayed with starch a number of times to stiffen it before making buttonholes, but I was still afraid that the fabric would get chewed up by the sewing machine, so I placed 3 layers of "Aqua Magic" (a water soluble stabilizer) underneath.  Needless to say, all that starch and stabilizer did not make for a very pretty looking result.  Hence the need to run this through the washer and dryer.  As much as I love to hate polyester - this blouse is an easy to care for addition to the wardrobe.


  1. Oh, that makes sense, thank you for explaining... I wondered if I was breaking some tailoring rule that I was unaware of!

    Thank you for that fitting tip re Vogue 8333, I will certainly be on the lookout for that! This is one of the rare occasions I've decided to make a muslin, since I don't want to muck up the lovely Japanese fabric I brought home...!
    Did you ever make up this pattern again?

  2. I'm always learning things from you ... starch, instead interface, great!