Wednesday, July 5, 2017

More Class Samples

At the rate I'm going here, summer will be over before I finish posting my summer class samples.  So without further ado ...

Instead of the usual pyjama pants class, this summer we're calling them shorts.  We're using different patterns for the class, but these were made from Kwik Sew 3793.  Yup, I managed to use some of that Canada Day fabric.  And yes, these will be sent off to my son once they've done their duty showing off at the store.

Yet another class for beginners - summer tops.  Kwik Sew has this same style in all sizes from Misses (K3610) to Girls (K3768) to Toddlers (K3934).  I used a quilting cotton.  Sewing up the tie as the pattern instructs would just make for a thick mess, so I substituted a length of ribbon.  Much less work, and it does the job just as well.  (Slides through that casing much more easily.)  I had thought to make this for myself, but luckily had second thoughts.  I'd look ridiculous trying to pull off this look.  I know two sisters who will look adorable in these tops ... and they're due for presents.

Last but not least ... a tunic class.  We sell Kwik Sew patterns at the shop, so the pattern choices had to come from there.  Mine is (as the previous one you saw) Kwik Sew 3161.  This is my final version.  (Stay tuned - there's another version that came in between.)  And since the linen/cotton mix was too plain - I had to add some embellishment.

I've bee feeling guilty about not yet answering a question in Comments from a while back.  Here goes.  The question posed by Audrey was, essentially, whether I am reimbursed for my samples.  The answer is no, at least in my experience.  Samples are the responsibility of the teacher. Because I imagine that seeing new and (hopefully) appealing samples will entice people to sign up for classes, I put a lot of effort into these items.  I also try to plan things so that these samples will eventually end up in my wardrobe or be used as gifts.  I also don't feel comfortable hanging up items for show that have been worn, so every time I churn out new stuff.  I do wonder how others handle this situation.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas to make my life easier - please do let me know.  I'm already dreading the sewing marathon in August, getting ready for classes starting in September.


  1. Lovely, Irene. Especially the tunic. I'm sure someone in class is going to want to take those adorable little dress home with them.

  2. When my Threads Magazine arrives the first thing I do is flip back to read closures. I loved your story!