Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day!

I am no quilter ... have I mentioned this before?  But with Canada's Sesquicentennial, all sorts of Canada-themed fabrics started showing up at the sewing shop.  For some unknown reason I had to join in the "fun".

One of the collections had a fabric with Canadian trivia questions (and answers) printed all over.  I thought this would make an interesting wall hanging for my son.  Unfortunately, whoever designed this fabric most probably had no intention of all 47 (I think it was 47) questions staying in one block to actually be read.  Hence the rather odd shape of the middle piece.  I nearly went crazy making sure that I didn't chop off anything important.

Among the questions of historical and geographic importance there is also such important information as: "Q.7.  What type of shop does Canada have per capita, more than anywhere else?  A. 7.  Doughnut."  We certainly have our priorities straight.

The questions fabric was hand stitched to the red fabric.  Things started going a bit wonky at some point.  Never mind - we're going for the "rustic look".  By some miracle I did manage to finish by the beginning of the week and Canada Post actually managed to deliver yesterday.  This will be hanging at Smugglers Smokehouse in Penticton, B.C.

There will be no more attempts at quilt-making for a very long time.