Saturday, June 22, 2013

My summer classes

The best laid plans...  I'm so slow with blog posts, that my summer class samples immediately follow those from winter.  Just bear with me - I will get back to "normal" - whatever that is.
I refused to do pyjamas yet again, ( I really did need a break from the same old pj pattern), so for beginner classes....
The skirt is Kwik Sew 3877.  I got the idea while watching the BBC Sewing Bee.  There are darts, a zipper, a waistband and a hem ... and only two main pattern pieces.  All the basics in a simple project.  The blouse is the Sewaholic Pendrell.  Guess I'll be in trouble if those who sign up are not pear-shaped figures - I'll be busy helping them to alter the fit.  Oh, well - not like I get to sit around and snooze in any sewing class.
A close-up of the fabrics
I thought that the lighting in the store was quite good, but obviously those fluorescent lights do little to help in showing the true colours of fabrics.  This jacket is actually a coral, but it looks to be quite a hideous orange.  (Probably not a good combination of coral fabric on red mannequin either ...)
Back side first, because that's the star attraction.  The idea behind this class is to get people with embroidery machines to use them on something other than quilt blocks and bags.  Cutwork seemed to be the right choice for summer wear.  Oh - the pattern I used is Kwik Sew 3620, with major changes.  One layer for the collar, no facings - easy, easy, easy.  I think that watching the machine embroider took longer than actually sewing the jacket - binding included.
The sleeves needed some embroidery, too - couldn't have them look naked.  (And in case anyone is interested - the cutwork design is on the menu of the Huqvarna Diamond Deluxe - design No. 127, I believe.  ... and no, I do not have this machine at home - I embroider at the store, where I can pick and choose which machine I want to work on - not that such things happen all too often.)
The front is very plain, but there is a point where one could overstep the maximum of allowable embroidery on an article of clothing.
That's all for now.  I'll continue getting inspired by everyone else, and hopefully get my act together to show more pictures sooner rather than later.


  1. Amazing sewing. Beautiful jacket.

  2. That is a beautiful jacket, and the embroidery is divine. I agree that embroidery can ben taken to such an extreme as to look costumey. A little goes a long way. You've done yours beautifully.

  3. My first "major" sewing project was an a-line skirt. I chose a lime green, pink and white plaid. The plaid was mitered. I was sooo proud.
    Love the jacket!

  4. OMG, that is an amazing jacket. I love the comment about the amount of allowable embroidery. Yep, it is possible to go overboard. Your choices of skirt and top for the sewing class are great.

  5. Oh, wow! That jacket is stunning! Irene, that is just beautiful.