Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer class samples

My, how time does fly!  I haven't posted for half a month or so!  Not that I haven't been sewing.  Guess I have some catching up to do.  I'll begin with where I left off, which would be my samples for summer classes.
Now, it just isn't in the least appealing to look at flannel pyjamas as the beginner sewing project in the heat of summer.  Right?  Needed to remedy the situation.  Here's what's hanging in the store now.
Kwik Sew 3553
I was in a great hurry and managed to have the wrong settings on the camera, so the colour's off, but you get the general picture.  I cheated.  I used my usual no-side-seam-pj-pants pattern because otherwise I would not have been able to fit all the pattern pieces on this border print.  I also left off the pocket - I didn't want a "blob" in the middle of the print, and there definitely was not enough fabric to even begin thinking of matching the print.
The other sample is Pamela's Patterns Pamela's Favorite Bias Skirt.
Colour is way off here.  Not grey at all - it's sort of half-way between navy and royal blue.
This is such an easy skirt!  Takes almost no time to make up.  I did hang it for 2 days before hemming.  Then came the problem - not a soul to mark my hem.  What to do?  The solution that I came up with was this:  I hung the skirt on that same hanger that you see here against the door of the old wardrobe that lives in my sewing "studio".  Sort of like having it on a table, but hanging up.  I found the shortest spot.  Measured it with a yardstick, then measured from the top, sticking pins all the way around. (took forever!)   Marked the pinned spots with a marker and cut off the unevenness (is that a word?).  Serged the edge and turned it up and topstitched.  I was a little worried about my marking method, but as you can see - an even hem.
According to the instructions you're to make a narrow hem turned up twice, but with the weight of this fabric I was afraid that it would be too thick.
This skirt won't come home for a few months, so I've been thinking that I should make one to wear now.  On the other hand - there are already so many projects lined up....


  1. Lovely pjs and the technique for getting the skirt evenly was spot on.

  2. Some very nice pieces there! I like that border print. :)
    I don't have anyone capable of marking my hems either, surprising with a house full of people, yes? but that is where my dressmaker's dummy comes in very handy.

  3. Those pajamas are so pretty. They sure beat my old big t'shirts that are my common night-time wear!

  4. Nice PJs! The skirt looks like a good basic, too.

  5. Your pajamas are too pretty to wear to bed. Throw on a camisole under the top and let the world see them! Really nice.

  6. I would be happy sleeping in his pajamas like that, so beautiful, glamorous! I also encounter the same problem alone to make some adjustments in my clothes, no one in the house sometimes, I'll take note of your method for hemming.