Thursday, November 17, 2011

I should have made it a blanket!

This one I probably shouldn't even own up to making.  For the record - I do not get along with polar fleece.  Especially not very thick polar fleece.  (Or may-be I should just blame the sewing machine.)  I picked up the fabric last winter.  The price must have been awfully good.  It must have been awfully cold outside to make me want to buy very warm fuzzy fabric.  My daughter's favourite colour - purple.  Not your standard fuzzy-on-two-sides fleece.  One side looks like a sweater knit.  I started back in the spring while my daughter was visiting, but then other things got in the way.  Now I've finished, packed it up and sent it, but I'm not happy.
Not sunny enough to show the actual colour
I started with KwikSew  2552, an older cardigan pattern, extended the front pieces to meet at centre front.  Cut long pieces for the ruffle and ad libbed that all along the opening.  Serging went well - there's differential feed to play with.  Stitching on the sewing machine was not so pretty.  It reminded me of dough going through the rollers on the pasta machine.  Squeezing through and getting completely stretched and distorted.  Layers of wash-away stabilizer didn't do much to help.  Playing with the pressure of the presser foot didn't help either.  I finally just "bit the bullet" and finished.  I have no clue whether this will end up way too large, since the body that this is intended for is too far away for fitting.  I hand stitched some ribbons on the inside for closures.  Should they be in the wrong place - Taya will just have to resew them herself.  The agreement with my daughter is that, should this really not be fit  to be seen in public when she puts it on - it will just be a cozy at-home garment.  And one needs all the warmth one can get in Prince George - it's COLD up there.
My, that doesn't look purple at all!
No finish on the ruffle edges - just cut them with a rotary cutter.
Obligatory pockets and sleeve cuffs
I was stupid enough to attempt decorative stitching to apply the pockets and do the hems.  Not brilliant, because that only made the stretching worse, but I kept going in the belief that on the next line of stitching I was going to do better.  And there was no way I was ripping out any stitching on this fabric!
Well, there it is.  As the title of this post implies, there were many times throughout this project that I wished that I had just turned this piece of polar fleece into a blanket - it would have been so much easier!


  1. Sounds like a nightmare! I shall avoid polar fleece.
    That said, it is a really pretty shade of purple and I am sure it is warm and people are wearing a lot of these drape-y, unstructured coats. So, it may turn out to be a winner for your daughter after all!

  2. It may have been frustrating to sew but the picture actually looks quite nice. I don't envy you trying to stitch patch pockets onto thick polarfleece. hey, it's warm and cozy, not much else matters in the dead of winter.

  3. I'm not a particular fan of fleece either, but everyone needs something warm and cozy at home. I mean, people actually BUY snuggies (do you have those in Canada?... if not, google them). Yours is way cuter than a snuggie.

  4. Sounds like a nightmare to sew! but I think you wrestled it into submission beautifully! And I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled with her snuggly new coat. How cold does it get there, exactly? I'm so impressed how people even survive in those arctic regions!

  5. Actually, Irene, I rather like it! Way to muscle through the project!