Monday, September 5, 2011

It's a housedress!

Another pattern that I actually managed to sew in the same year that I purchased it!  Another DKNY that I thought would make an easy-breezy summer dress, having first seen other people's versions.  It's been done for a while, a little bit of time lag before it was photographed, and then some more time lag before I managed to get around to this post.  At some time I will get everything working in sync.  Without further ado - my version of V1236.
Not only was I intrigued by what I saw on other blogs, I also saw something similar in a magazine in a much fancier fabric.  Possibilities....  This fabric was inherited, but for at-home wear, I thought it would do.  A wearable muslin, of sorts.  I cut a straight 8, but had to take in a fair bit under the arms, which made for much smaller armholes, but it works fine on me.  The only other "alteration" that I did was at the neckline - I only took a 1/4 inch seam, which raised the neckline a titch.  Oh - and my tie belt is a bit shorter than the pattern, because I ran out of fabric.  Now that it's done, I really have no motivation to make another of these.  I suppose that in a fancier fabric it would make a rather comfortable "going out" dress, but at this point I really have no need of another one of those.  And if I were to make this up in silk, I would probably opt for something like an obi belt instead of the plain tie.  All in all - it's a house dress, which is just fine.  Only one slight problem - the width at the hem is a little tight.  It hits me right above the knee, which, as far as I can tell, is where it is supposed to be.  I have to be careful even with such strenuous activity as getting in and out of the car, which doesn't make this the most practical dress in my wardrobe.  Well, it's pretty well the end of warm weather now, so this dress will be going into hibernation.  Next summer I may have to reevaluate.  It might become a tunic.  This brilliant idea came to mind, as I was heading out the door, noticed that my half-slip was peeking out the back.  Not wanting to take time for a complete change, off came the slip, on went the leggings that I recently made - and I didn't have to embarrass myself in public.  So then came the idea to shorten the dress and always wear it with the leggings.  (Will leggings still be "in" next summer?)  That will happen next summer, if it happens.  Or perhaps I just need to make a new, shorter slip.

Some of you are already into fall sewing, making lists of what to make.  I still feel as though I'm playing "catch-up" with my summer sewing.  May-be I'll just call what I make in the next while "transitional", and not worry too much, so long as I make some progress.  My samples for sewing classes need to get done ASAP.  When and how all will get done, I do not know, but it will.


  1. It might be a house dress, but it is a really nice house dress! I always love a border print.

  2. It looks very pretty - you're going to be looking very glamorous at home while wearing this lovely dress!

  3. I like the pattern very much. The fabric is fine for a house dress but perhaps could be lifted out of the realm of sleep wear by wearing a red belt.