Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Black with white squares

Here’s another one that’s waiting for weather that does not require layer upon layer of clothing.

The fabric was bought with a skirt in mind – rayon twill.  It’s been lying around for a while – not a very long while, but long enough.  Then I got it into my head to make a dress with a vaguely 30’s look to it.  Somehow I did manage to squeeze a dress out of the piece intended for a skirt.  (I did have a big skirt in mind!)  I also wanted to try out a collar from a book.  Here’s how it went.

I started with Simplicity 3556, changed the neckline, lengthened it, and somewhat changed the sleeves.

The collar came from this book.  Despite the very ‘80’s look to everything in this book, there are some very good instructions to making additions and alterations to patterns that can still be put to good use.  Besides, why spend the time figuring it all out on your own, when there are instructions already in place?
The collar is a rayon challis, and I was worried how it would look after it went through the wash, and how I was going to “get at it” to iron.  (I worry about such things.)  So, instead of sewing down the loop as per instructions, I put a snap under the collar.
Now the collar will be easy enough to deal with at the ironing board.
I didn’t have a black zipper on hand, so the back does up with3 buttons.
Perhaps not the best choice of buttons, but for some reason my button stash is seriously lacking in cute black buttons.  Not wanting to wait for stores to open, I just used what I had.  In retrospect, I could have changed the buttons many times over by this time, but now the dress is in my closet, and the urgency for buying buttons has passed.  May-be later.  Besides, I can’t see my back, so the less than perfect buttons won’t be bothering me.
One more "I want because I want" off the list.  For some reason this collar reminds me of the outfits worn by Miss Lemon in the Poirot series, and that's why I wanted this dress.  If that makes no sense to anyone else, that's quite alright.
minus the belt, though it will always definitely be worn with a belt.

the back (as if you couldn't figure that out for yourselves)


  1. What an interesting dress! Great idea for the collar/bow. Bet you are lovely in this.

  2. Replies
    1. I've been rather taken with it for some time.

  3. Irene it's a darling dress! I have that book too.

  4. It is a lovely dress , black and white check like fabrics seem to be in but you have combined it with your own unique style. Clever idea for the front collar. I love watching Agatha Christie movies - the vintage fashions are beautiful but I will have to look up who Miss Lemon is.

    1. Thank-you! Miss Lemon is Poirot's secretary in quite a few of the episodes.

  5. Wonderful collar solution, and I love the button treatment - it goes with the vintage feel of the dress.

  6. The dress is beautiful – very elegant. The collar solution very clever. All you need now are a couple of spit curls to carry of the whole Miss Lemon look.

  7. Love that collar! I have that book too. I should pull it out for inspiration!