Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunday outfit

I know. I know.  It’s Monday, but at least I did have the picture taken yesterday – Sunday – and perhaps at some point I’ll improve to the point where I’m actually posting on Sunday too.
 Since May 1st I have been tracking what I wear of a Sunday.  (Sunday being the one day when I am guaranteed to “dress up”.)  My reasoning was to prove to myself that I have more than enough outfits in the “dressy” category for spring and summer. Periodically I would forget to write down the outfit, and two weeks later I would be racking my brain to remember what I wore.  Nevertheless, all Sundays were accounted for, and not a single item was repeated, which, of course, proves that I probably have more than enough in my closet – at least for Sundays and occasions that require some semblance of being “dressed up”.    This did, more or less, keep me on track with sewing plans and projects, and a goodly number of items sewn over the summer were of the more mundane every-day variety.  (Dressier items are sooo much more fun to plan and sew!)
As the weather changes, I thought that I should probably continue tracking, and perhaps this would continue keeping me in line with my sewing wish list.  And since a picture is much better at jogging my memory than my rather cryptic scribbles, we now have “Sunday outfit”. (I’m hoping that this will also help in catching up with items sewn, but not yet blogged.)  And since this is also supposed to be a blog post with minimum writing – without further ado …

Grey cardigan – base pattern Pamela’s Patterns Twinset – added pockets and collar – two-layered viscose knit – one side grey, one side black
Black t-shirt – Pamela’s Patterns Perfect T-shirt – scoop neck (some sort of lacy “novelty knit”)
Black knit midi pencil skirt – self-drafted – fairly hefty cotton/spandex knit


  1. Your outfit is just the way I like to dress, casual but elegant.

  2. I'm half asleep, but catching up on a few posts. You look so nice here - put together, comfortable with yourself and your clothes, thoughtful in your outfit. I think people - men and women - forget how powerful that is.