Monday, July 18, 2016


At the beginning of this month I finally got around to trying out the Belcarra blouse by Sewaholic.  (It’s been lying around the sewing room for far too many months.)  Not exactly a winter make, so it stands to reason that it should have waited till summer.  Let’s call both of these muslins. Initially I cut the size 2, which has been the size that seems to have been working for me almost perfectly in the Sewaholic Patterns.  It’s supposed to be a loose fit, but … just exactly how loose?   
That would be the bluish one … with a pocket even.  That pocket sort of gets lost on this fabric, and perched there on the upper chest – I’m not quite sure what its purpose would be.  Well, one set of keepers to make sure that this wide neckline won’t go anywhere, and I have a top for around the house.  This was such a quick make, that I decided since the pattern was out anyway, I might as well make another, this time cutting the size 0. 
Much better.  Still probably much looser than I’d thought it should be, however it is a woven t, and it is comfortable, and it’s perfect for hot weather around here, when it also becomes extremely muggy.  And … the keepers keep the neckline in place.  

Without those little gizmos, this top would certainly be sliding off my shoulders.  (Not a look that I aspire to.)  I might still fiddle around with the fit at the hip on the next round at some point in the future.  Fabrics – who knows.  They were “inherited” pieces that are now much more useful as tops than they were when they languished in stash.   As I was finishing the black top I started getting ideas of lengthening this one into a loose dress.  Perhaps belted it wouldn’t be bad as a “house dress”.  And I have yet to try the version with pin tucks on the sleeves …  Enough!  I do tend to get carried away with variations on the same theme.   For now I’ve folded this pattern back into its envelope and put it back in the drawer.  There are too many other patterns that need a chance to be used this summer.


  1. Oh, my favorite is the first one, slubby fabric. Isn't it neat how different fabrics make a pattern look so different? I'm happy to see your post of this, I wondered about that neckline. Things slipping around make me nuts :-)

  2. I've been wondering about this pattern as I'll need some basic tee-shirts when summer heads south. I like both looks, but prefer the darker colour.

  3. Both lovely garments. I like both, but I can see what you mean about the wide neckline. Seems to be quite a thing at the moment, but like you, I don't like the bra strap on show. Good idea to put keepers in.

  4. I do love a raglan sleeve and have been curious about this pattern for a while. I love both your versions, and would wear them a TONNE during summer. I see that there is a central seam on the raglan? I think? which is very useful; making it possible to put in those bra strap keepers. An excellent solution :)

  5. Love both shirts, they certainly feel so uncomfortable when the neckline is slipped over one shoulder, your solution is great.