Friday, May 20, 2016

Anna's Bag

I can hardly believe that my last post was in December.  I was actually going to start this post with “to blog or not to blog”, but Bunny beat me to it, and she even found a funny picture to go along.  But I did decide to continue blogging.  I have excuses galore as to why I simply couldn’t buckle down and post.  There was all that STUFF that needed to be dealt with.  There was the case of the missing camera, which has now been replaced.  My furry sewing companion went off to doggy heaven.  There is no end to excuses, but I’m back.

Every time I take a sewing book into my hands, I want to make every project in it.  In reality, very few projects from books actually happen.  Lots of inspiration – which I generally don’t need, as that leads to dreaming of more and more projects that whirl around in my head.  If I dreamed a bit less and sewed a bit more, perhaps there would be many more finished items.

Another bag.  This one from Carry me by Yuka Koshizen.  This book came home from the library several times.  All the bags are gorgeous.  The instructions precise.  I would love to make every bag in the book, but I have to make choices – clothes or bags, and clothes generally win.  This particular bag is, I believe, called the Granny bag.
This is the second time I’ve made it.  The first time was a few years back – for my sister-in-law.  This time around – same fabric – for my niece.

My sister-in-law very kindly has sent me boxes of fabric when she was clearing closet space.  I had to send a thank-you, so that was the first bag.  My niece saw the bag and had to have one.  Quite some time went by, while I was deliberating on what fabric to use, until I was told that the same coarse linen plaid would be just fine.  I find it ironic that fabric traveled from San Francisco (I think it had a Britex label on it??) to London, Ontario, and now it has made its way back to San Francisco as usable items.  The lining in this bag is a black silk noil – a piece that finally found a home.  (I do like it when leftovers finally get used up!)  Oh, and there is a pocket and a magnetic closure.

If you’re in Canada – I hope you have a wonderful long week-end!


  1. How pretty! I'm in the 'thinking about' stage of sewing some large bags for summer. I enjoy all the lead-up :-) Wish my library had more sewing books...I so enjoy them. Sigh.

  2. p.s. hope things have settled down for you. Sad you lost your furry friend, always hard.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry you've lost your furry companion (hugs) that is a very hard thing and takes some time to settle back into life afterwards. xx That is a very cute bag though. I reallyshould look out this book at my own library, thank you for bringing it to my attention :)

    1. Thank-you! I think that you would enjoy this book and its projects - you've done a fair number of things from Japanese books before.

  4. This bag is a university student's idea of heaven!