Thursday, May 21, 2015

Men's Shirts

Let's try this yet again.  I never did manage to keep journals, write diaries, and obviously that reflects in my abilities to keep blogging.  I am determined, however, to try again, and perhaps this time I will actually manage to keep going and to post at fairly regular intervals.  How difficult is it to write something, say, once a week?
I do apologize for not having responded to comments, and at this point, I'm sure, that any reply would not make any sense any more, so I'm starting over - clean slate.  I will attempt to be a much more interactive blogger.
Men's shirts.  In the fall I had a class on simple men's shirts.  (I am now getting quite a few men in beginner's classes!  Only fair to gear the topics for their interests.)  Obvious recipient of class samples would be my son.  Unfortunately, he's at the other end of the country, so sizing becomes somewhat of a guessing game.
Here's the shirt and the pattern.  Blue linen with grey buttons.
 I actually followed directions - just because I have to set an example for students!  Well, except for the finishing of the bottom of the collar inside...
Instead of tucking the raw edges into the bottom of the collar, I sewed straight across, then finished with a strip of bias.  Much easier.  Much more secure, especially on such a loose weave.
The next shirt was to be a birthday present.  Birthday is in February.  Shirt(s) were sent just recently.  What's a few months?
My son likes the look of steampunk clothing, but he's not too keen on wearing a "costume".  Perfect shirt would be...
This one I made from muslin - literally.  It's was very wide muslin with a very silky feel.  I had purchased it with thoughts of a shirt or blouse for myself, but it seemed perfect for this shirt.  Buttons are shell.  I was a little concerned about the size - it is a rather voluminous shirt, but then there's the pleat in the front, and pleats in the back...
The package arrived today, so I'm sure I'll be given a verdict soon enough.
I did stick to directions.  (The front "bib" with the pleat wasn't difficult, but it certainly helped to follow the directions.)
My son's request was to change the sleeve opening at the cuff.  I made him another Folkwear shirt years ago (the Russian one).  The cuff buttoned at the sleeve seam, which put the button right at the underside of the wrist.  Not very comfortable when, for example, one is writing.  This pattern had the same "problem", but I fixed that.
This shirt got regular 21st century sleeve vents.
Now that wasn't so difficult.  I actually managed to write a post and add pictures.  It did not take me all night.  I do apologize for the very choppy writing.  I tend to be very wordy, and here I try to keep things short, and then it all seems wrong.  If I keep mulling this over much longer I won't hit the "publish" button, and then there will be no post!


  1. Hi Irene, both shirts are beautiful. I'm sure your son will enjoy them. I really like the white shirt. I've seen some very nice muslin at JoAnn's too. I too thought it would make a great white shirt/blouse. I will try it.

  2. Hi Irene, I love both shirts, and am going to use your collar photo on my next shirt. I also love the uee of muslin as "real" fabric.