Thursday, January 5, 2012

Presents III

This is second to last post on presents, I promise.
While packing presents to send off to the other end of the country, I think that it would really be so much easier to just buy gift cards that could be stuffed into an envelope.  Nevertheless, I still feel the need to add in something "made by Mom".
Taya's present was a fairly easy choice.  The fabric  was purchased a number of years ago - her choice - a fairly heavy polyester charmeuse.  I wouldn't wear it (not my colour).  Style choice could only be something that doesn't require finicky fitting.
Hmm.  A little out of focus!  And the colour is actually a much darker, brighter fuchsia pink.  I was trying photographing on the cutting table, because the light there is bright.
I trolled around looking for skirt ideas.  Seems that there were a few double layer skirts.  Elastic waist - it will fit no matter what.  No pattern, really - I actually laid two patterns one on top of the other and drew lines.  An obi-type belt to hide the elastic waist and a loop scarf (that's not what they're really called!) to finish off the outfit.  I know that she has a number of black t-shirts and/or sweaters that can be worn with this.  The only finicky part of this skirt was cutting to match the plaids.  Oh, right and making sure that those plaids lined up when sewing up the side seams.  Both layers were finished with a rolled hem on the serger.

And what do you do with a piece of soft silk that 's in a neony yellow/green?  It's a very interesting colour - just definitely NOT for my skin tone.  On the right person, it could have been a lovely blouse...  However, I decided to use it for something that would not be seen when worn - boxer shorts for my son.
And that's a cream cotton pair peaking out from underneath.  These are definitely a TNT pattern.  Several patterns were used (years ago) to trace out "the perfect boxers".  No side seams, so they're really quick to put together.  For some reason store-bought just isn't acceptable, so I guess I'll keep churning these out for years to come.  Just how many years is a mother "responsible" for supplying these necessities of life?

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  1. I'm certain all your lovely handmade gifts are so well received, that they will go on being "mother's responsibility" and so in demand for many years to come! Your family is so lucky to have you!