Monday, July 25, 2011

Uniform and flower power

Grey dress is done - only needs a final press.  Unfortunately, it's been too hot to even contemplate putting it on, therefore no pictures as yet.  In the meantime...
I made a uniform shirt for a friend who doesn't fit standard sized uniform shirts.  She's "battling it out" in camp with the kids as I write. 

Kwik Sew 2835
Made it in a cotton/poly batiste, so it should be cool - not like those "plastic" uniform shirts that everyone else wears.  It's probably as hot in Illinois as it is here, if not hotter.
Kwik Sew 3169
Sent that off and tackled outfits for Project First Day - first day of school outfits for kids in Joplin, MO.  I made two the same - the flowers are positioned differently on the two blouses.  What I didn't realize, was that the skirt in the pattern is made up of little squares - a patchwork!  No time for that.  I ended up doing some (not so) quick mathematical calculations and drafted more or less the same skirt, but with only two pieces - front and back.  The skirt fabric is a navy crinkly gauze, which I handled with some trepidation - especially the hem.  I ended up sliding a piece of tearaway stabilizer under the fabric as I stitched the hem by machine - and all was well.  No stretching!  Oh - I had to line the skirt with a broadcloth - twas a tad too sheer for decency.  The blouse fabric is a cotton/poly mix., with a white background, despite what it looks like in the photo.  What else can I tell you?  Of course, I needed to snap a picture in a hurry, because I had to get those outfits sent, and of course, after weeks of no rain, we had thunderstorms and clouds and - no outdoor pictures possible.


  1. The uniform looks so professional. I love the school outfit you made. The blouse print is fantastic!

  2. The topstitching on your uniform blouse looks so beautiful and even!

  3. Wow... that is awesome that you are making school outfits for the kids in Missouri. I must say that is a fancy uniform... the blouse is so pretty.

    Your friend will really appreciate the uniform shirt.. it looks good.

  4. Wow! Your friend will be very happy and really comfortable with this blouse, it is true that the standard uniform blouses seem made of "plastic." The other "uniform" is so cute! love the printing of her blouse.

  5. Your friend will apprciate a cooler shirt in this heat-wave. The skirt and blouse are a wonde4rful outfit. Love it.