Monday, May 23, 2011


For a while there my number of posts and my number of followers were neck in neck.  Now it seems that the number of posts are lagging.  Must do something about that.  I'm sewing.  I'm always sewing something - it's just that at times things don't get quite done, and then they don't get photographed and then...  Well, you get the picture.
My grand plans for the start of spring and summer sewing did not get off to any kind of a start.  My daughter's wardrobe benefited - mine didn't.  Then there was that slight problem of losing my "jacket closet" while my daughter was here.  She did have to hang her clothes somewhere, and I had to move my stuff.  I get somewhat discombobulated when things aren't in their proper place, and that and the continuing cold weather didn't inspire me to pull out and sort through the summer wardrobe.  Hence - I have no idea where to start.  I know there are things that I absolutely need - but what those are I have no clue.  When I look at my fabrics, I'm haunted by ghosts of summers past.  I start to remember what each and every piece of fabric was purchased for, all the ideas I had, and I'm overwhelmed.  Where to begin?
Not to lose sewing time, there's always a smaller project that needs to happen, like this apron.
Kindly modeled by my mother, but only once I promised that only the apron would show.  It's a gift for a friend who moved to Toronto recently.  I made her one earlier, and she asked for a second one exactly the same style.  (The previous one was a pea pod print.)  This is Kwik Sew 3547.
Quite obvious which view I chose.  I made the size medium.  The fabric is a quilting cotton that I had on hand.  (Can never seem to resist the temptation of buying up those lovely prints - more about that later.)  I purchased the bias binding, though I probably should have made my own.  Problem is, my sewing machine refuses to keep a decent tension when I sew through purchased bias.   I have tried everything under the sun to remedy this problem, and nothing seems to work.  Best I can do is to crank up the tension to its maximum and pray that the underside won't be too bad.  The stitches seem to hold alright, despite the rather sloppy look of the wrong side.  I hate the way it looks!  I don't seem to have any problems when I make my own binding with prewashed fabric.  Could it be the sizing in the purchased binding?  Any ideas?
With the Victoria Day fireworks going off all around us this evening, we're staying in the basement either at the computer or the sewing machine, where we can't hear the noise too clearly.  "The great (four-legged) protector" feels the need to sit on top of me (or any facsimile thereof) when the noise is too loud.  So - more sewing is definitely happening. 


  1. This is lovely! I especially like the way it dips down at the front.
    I don't know what is the solution to the bias tape problem. Some commercial ones are made of very tightly woven fabric, and maybe your needle is a bit blunt and struggling to get through? In which case try changing to a new needle? But I concede, switching to a brand new needle just to do bias tape seems a tad overkill...!

  2. The idea of sewing your mom is adorable, of course no one deserves more than her. For me it is impossible to know the solution to the problem of bias tape, if you tried to change to a thinner needle, equal tension on the machine, etc. maybe do an exorcism is the only thing missing. lol. Do you have only one sewing machine? Maybe try another machine, do not know. I hope that now everything is back to normal and we can see all your wonderful sewing garments.

  3. I thought I was the only one who had trouble with purchased bias binding:-) This apron is such a sweet, classic design, practical with pretty style lines. Prints are so appealing. Loes Hinse wrote the article in Threads about selecting fabrics for garments and she said there should be a balance in an outfit, 2/3 fabrics that "whisper" and then a focal fabric that "talks." Gosh, I think my fabric collection is sometimes screaming at me:-)

  4. The binding looks fine in the picture, of course these niggles never show up in our pictures! I think an apron is a great present. Personal and little bit special without any fitting issues.

  5. Sweet apron, and a sweet daughter to make this for mom! I agree with Carolyn about switching out to a new needle.

  6. Apron's are so useful. Your version is quite elegant with the mini-floral and matching binding. Your friend will feel great wearing this as she works in the kitchen.

  7. Pretty apron. handmade things are such lovely gifts.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. So nice of you. I love sewing Blogland!!

  8. Hi again Irene! I reread what I wrote in a quiet moment, and I realise that I might have sounded like I was annoyed at you for pointing out that the side seam of the pants wasn't straight. That's not the case! I agree with what you said, I just don't know how to address it and was musing about my size bigger in the back than the front and not wanting to take that tactic any further. I think you are very astute and I admire the beautiful things you sew. Please do keep casting an analytical eye over my projects - it's a real help.