Thursday, May 23, 2013

Classes - Winter 2013 - Part 2

Last of my class samples for January to June.
Butterick 4028 - chopped shorter
My "cheater" version of a Chanel jacket.  Instructions for a quicker version of this jacket are found in Threads Magazine No. 128 - January 2007.  I would love to tell you that this is some wonderfully amazing tweed fabric and lovely silk charmeuse lining, but ... it's not.  I had the idea for this class, wrote up  the class description for the store newsletter, all the time thinking that I would just order some fabric on-line, because the probability of finding anything decent at Fabricland is next to nil.  Of course, I managed to lose track of time because of one thing and another, and the next thing you know - I should already be sewing this jacket, and  - no suitable fabric.  Off to Fabricland to find something - anything half-way suitable.  Nothing.  Not anything even remotely related to what I needed.  In a last ditch effort, I headed to the clearance section, which happened to be at 50% off that day.  There it was - "unknown fibers" very loose somewhat tweedy-looking stuff for the unbelievable price of $2.00 a metre.  This certainly has to be the world's cheapest Chanel jacket knock-off.  With such, um, "exquisite" fabric, I was not about to waste any precious silk for lining, so that is grand old polyester charmeuse.  Didn't bother spending money on a chain for the hem.  It is what it is.  I did underline with voile, though.  Don't know that it will help with stability in the long run.  Just from hanging in the store, there are already a few snags in the loose weave.  I'll wear this for as long as it looks decent, but I did have my sample done on time.  It's still a lot of work, but much, much faster than the true method of putting together a Chanel jacket.  I now know that I can do this, so the next time I decide to make one of these - I'll definitely take the time to source out nice fabric, because all that work certainly deserves a lengthy lifespan.
For trim, I just used the selvage and some braided trim that I had in my stash.
Kwik Sew 3553
And, of course, we had to have yet another pair of pyjamas for the "Fundamentals" classes.  Nothing exciting about these - I'll be whipping these out in my sleep soon, but it is nice (I think) to have a new sample to show with every new class schedule.  Poly/cotton, and I thought that adding a bit of lace would help to make them a little less boring.
Now I'm working on samples for my summer classes.  No pyjamas this time around!


  1. The Chanel jacket does not look like it came from $2 fabric!! What a bargain, great job!

  2. Chanel jacket looks great! Perhaps the pictures are misleading and you know better than the fabric is not bad and this jacket has long life ... but you did a great job! Love pajamas, so romantic ...

  3. Irene, I swear your fabric is exactly like the one I used for my last Chanel jacket. I bought it from Julie at Timmel Fabrics and it was in the $20.00's. It was a mixture of silk/cotton and wool, if my memory serves me ! Enjoy your jacket. It looks great!

  4. Your jacket is very beautiful - and you won't mind wearing it, as you found such a bargain beautiful fabric.

  5. Irene, your Chanel lookalike is so cool! I love that it is a bargain, and doesn't look it at all. Love the pjs, and wish I lived close in order to take a class.

  6. Wow, what impressive samples! The jacket is beautiful, but I'm more interested in the sleepwear. The lace trim really adds a lot, and they look so wonderfully made.

  7. love your jacket just beautiful